Urban Development Research Project – Call for Proposals

2021-03-29 12:00 AM

2021-04-09 12:00 AM




Since being established, XJTLU-Wujiang Taihu New Town Research Institute has been committed to studying and promoting the high-quality development of urban areas. With the strong support of Wujiang District Government and XJTLU, a series of research projects, forums, training and international and local collaboration have been initiated and completed. In pursuit of strengthened cooperation, overall improvement of the quality of local urban development and construction, aiming for developing into a leading area in the Yangtze River Delta Region, Wujiang Taihu New Town Construction Bureau will cooperate with XLTLU University Research Centre for Urban and Environment Research Studies (UES) to organize the below “Urban Development Research Project”, and the details of the call are as follow:

A. Application Criteria
(1) The project applicant or his/her main team members need to have bilingual Chinese and English capacities of academic writing and oral reporting. Please fill in the Urban Development Research Proposal (see the attachment) in Chinese and send the paper materials in triplicate. At the same time, send the electronic version to ues.urc@xjtlu.edu.cn.
(2) The objective of the applied project needs to be clear and the content should be specific. The project needs to be feasible to conduct and the research results could be assessed.
(3) The project applicant needs to ensure the successful implementation, timely completion and financial closure of the project according to the agreed timeline, budget and outcome.
(4) The project applicant needs to attend the UES or Wujiang Government's report and review meetings.
(5) The project applicants are given priority to participate in communication and promotion activities of the UES, such as academic exchanges, industry forums, workshops, etc., and is expected to provide relevant content and support.

B. Funding
According to urban development research funding plan of Wujiang Taihu New Town, the maximum funding for each project doesn’t exceed 50,000 RMB.

C. Deadline
Applications are due by 24:00, April 9, 2021. Late submissions will not be accepted.

D. Supported Areas
Based on the characteristics and challenges in local urban development fields, and in reference to the experience of Suzhou Industrial Park and other advanced areas at home and abroad, this research will shed light on life, production, ecology, culture, society, governance and other relevant fields in order to promote the qualitative improvement of urban development in Wujiang Taihu New Town. The scope of support includes but is not limited to the following areas:
l Enhancement of urban features: making full use of the unique landscape features in the region and combining with regeneration of the city, to shape the lakeside city features that are ecological, livable, and suitable for tourism and industry.
l Urban ecological space construction: forming a reasonable urban green space system and urban river system to create an ecological foundation of interweaving blue and green systems.
l Urban living environment improvement: upgrading the living environment, promoting the transformation of old residential areas and the construction of smart communities, as well as standardizing real estate management to ensure housing quality.
l Urban transportation optimization: improving the coverage of the branch network in the core area and the capacity of public transport, advocating low-carbon and green travel to address common road problems.
l Upgrading of urban governance structure: comprehensively using digital technology to improve the intelligent level of urban management in municipal facilities, city appearance, construction, traffic order, landscaping and other aspects.
l Other relevant topics such as integration of urban and rural development, industrial transformation and upgrading, improvement of supporting facilities, efficient use of land, development of comprehensive pipe corridor, financing of urban construction, urban branding, clustering of talents and resources, creation of innovative ecology, cultural inheritance and rejuvenation, internationalization, etc.

E. Following Procedure
After the preliminary examination on applicants and project proposals, a panel of experts in relevant fields will be invited to conduct on-site reviews (further notice). The project will be approved on the basis of merit and the funding will be allocated. The project should be completed within 6 months (including interim report). Research output should include research reports on strategic solutions and recommendations. Articles produced from the projects could also be selected and published on the promotion platform or publications of the project organizer.

Enquiries may be sent to: urc.wenyang@xjtlu.edu.cn
General Enquiries: +86 0512-8816-7138
Attachment: Urban Development Research Proposal

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