ILEAD Research Seminar: A Comparative Study of Native and Non-Native English-Speaking (NES/NNES) English Teachers in a Chinese-UK EMI University: Strengths and Challenges


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


  • Date: April 15, 2021
  • Time: 18:00-19:00 Beijing Time
  • Venue: X-Bar, South Campus, XJTLU
  • RSVP: April 13 by 15:00 Beijing Time (Max. live participation: 30 people)
  • Pre-registration is Required via QR code for Refreshment


The spread of English as a global languages has seen dramatic growth in the number of students learning EFL, ESL and EAP. In many modern Chinese universities, language teaching is delivered by a mix of Non-Native English-Speaking (NNES) and Native English-speaking (NES) English teachers, who may come from a wide variety of different backgrounds. The similarities and differences between the two categories of English teachers have become the focus of mainstream research. Despite this interest, the strengths and challenges of NES and NNES EAP professionals in a Sino-British English-Medium Instruction (EMI) University is under-investigated. The aim of the project is to provide more data and value to this area, and the presentation will focus on the study background, TDF (Teacher Development Fund) proposal, initial data collection phases, a brief consideration of initial results and further research plans.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone who is interested in language teaching, cross-cultural studies, and global education.
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Special Note:
Refreshments will be provided for people who pre-register.


Anying Wang holds two master’s degrees, one in TESOL, and the other in International Trade and Logistics. She is a Fellow of the HEA and now an EAP lecturer in the English Language Centre at XJTLU, where she has been employed for over 10 years and for which she managed a course for students entering university with advanced English ability (CEFR B2). She is now a Deputy Head of Division - Advanced EAP (Year 2). Her research interests include Motivating Reluctant Students to Communicate in an EAP Classroom, EAP Curriculum Design-Meeting the Needs of High-Level Students from Various Disciplines, Strategies for Vocabulary Acquisition, and Differences between Native and Non-native Speaking (NES/NNES) English Teachers.

Hailing from Edinburgh, the historic & beautiful capital of Scotland, Andy Mclntoch has been involved in English-language education for 25 years across 4 continents, with considerable time spend working and studying in Spanish-speaking environments. He obtained a 1st class degree from the University of Edinburgh in Linguistics and Spanish Literature, and then added a MA TESOL to his qualifications. Since joining XJTLU in 2017, he has led advanced writing and linguistic modules and involved himself in a variety of other educational and research-focused projects. Research interests include attitudes and motivation towards spoken fluency, feedback method preferences, and the influence of technology on learning patterns & practices.

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