AoFE Webinar: A Student-centred and Localised Evaluations System--Faculty Survey of Student Engagement-China (FSSE-China)


2:00 PM - 3:30 PM




As educational innovation and quality enhancement become more significant in higher education, faculty members have played an increasingly significant role in supporting college student engagement. Student engagement refers to the time, and energy students spend on educational purposefully activities, which is closely related to their persistence, academic success, and satisfaction with their overall college experiences.

This webinar will present a student-centered and localized evaluations system that fits the Chinese higher education context and characteristics to examine college students’ engagement from the faculty’s perspective. The presenter will introduce how Faculty Survey of Student Engagement Chinese Version (FSSE-China) project will be an effective tool to support college student engagement by measuring the faculty's perceptions of, contributions to, and valued aspects in student engagement, and can be used to evaluate the teaching quality and innovation.


Dr Rong Wang is the Professor and Head of the Department of Educational Studies at the Academy of Future Education. She holds a PhD in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program and a Graduate Certificate in Institutional Research at Indiana University. She obtained a master's degree in the Higher Education program from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr Wang has more than ten years of research, teaching, and administration experience in higher education in China and the United States. Her research interests focus on college teaching and learning, student engagement, institutional research and assessment, and international comparative higher education. Dr Wang has worked in the Higher Education Research Center of Indiana University, USA, leading or participating in a number of research projects using the following data, such as: National Survey of Student Engagement/NSSE, Faculty Survey of Student Engagement/FSSE and Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement/BCSSE.

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