AoFE Open Class Series (4): How Do Children Learn


7:30 PM - 9:00 PM



Learning is not suspended during the epidemic period. How to help children better complete their learning is the urgent support of every parent. This theme focuses on the brain and cognitive development of preschool children, discusses the development and learning laws of preschool children's brain and cognition (such as memory, language, mathematics, etc.), and then discovers how parents can raise children scientifically on the basis of respecting the cognitive development laws of preschool children.


Dr Jike Qin is an assistant professor and the postgraduate research (PGR) director at the Academy of Future Education. Dr Qin’s research explores children’s development of numerical cognition and mathematical learning by employing rigorous experimental and statistical methodologies. She is also interested in the topics such as home numeracy environment, mathematical learning difficulty, analogy, and visuo-spatial reasoning.

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