AoFE Open Class Series (3): Pressure Measurement Through Painting Under the Pandemic: the Painting Test of "People In the Rain"


7:30 PM - 9:00 PM



"People in the Rain" is a very practical psychological painting test in psychological counselling. Through this painting test, participants can understand their own stress situation, defence methods in the face of stress, self-concept and so on. This theme will introduce in detail the content of the “People in the Rain” test, the matched dialogue after painting and simple interpretation methods, aim to help parents and students who adhere to the pandemic to better understand their own pressure and effectively alleviate it.


Yuanhong Ji, Doctor of Developmental Clinical Psychology in Nagoya University, Japan, Master of Education in University of Tsukuba, Japan. Clinical Psychologist in Japan, Director of Art Therapy Society Japan, Registered Supervisor of Psychological Society China. She is currently a professor and doctoral advisor of clinical psychology in the Graduate School of Human Sciences of Ritsumeikan University, and the director of the Psychological Education Consulting Center of Ritsumeikan University. Professor Ji’s main research expertise is psychological testing (especially projection psychological testing), cross-cultural clinical psychology, art therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and so on. Her works include: Tree-Personality Projection Test, Picture Story: Theme Apperception Test, etc.

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