Department of Architecture Guest Lecture: Construction or Yingzao, the Academic Meaning in Construction and History of Chinese Architecture


7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Zhumu meeting ID: 626 583 5304



“Construction” and “History of Chinese Architecture”, as two important courses of the curriculum of architecture discipline in China. The architecture with Western cultural background took “construction” as kind of knowledge base for the discipline, history of architecture as kind of mainly theory bass. While the Chinese long and deep cultural tradition hasn’t developed the architecture as an academic system, which was eventually elaborated after Renaissance in Europe, accordingly could be reinterpreted as tectonic, habitat, urban three cultural phenomenon. “Tumu/Yingzao” represented the tradition of tectonic culture is just the core of content, those of main forms of building arts in Chinese history could be understanding by the logic of “Yingzao”, so that “Construction” and “History of Chinese Architecture” as two different courses but inherent connection based upon the means of “Yingzao”.


Professor Zhao Chen

Professor and doctoral supervisor, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Nanjing University. Professor Zhao focuses on the comparative study of western, Chinese and non-western architectural culture. He reinterprets Chinese traditional architectural culture from the height of world architectural history and taking construction as the core, and promotes its modernization. He has published a large number of related academic papers and published a monograph "The Misunderstanding of the Facade," which has a considerable academic impact. He has lectured at universities in Finland, Italy, Australia, USA, China's Hong Kong and Taiwan. He also has outstanding achievements in the research and practice of architecture and urban design. He won the 2005 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Award of Excellence in Cultural Heritage Conservation (First Prize). The Ministry of Construction Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Second Prize, the Department of Education excellent survey and design second prize, third prize, won the Jiangsu Province Civil Architecture Society Architectural Creation Award.

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