Seminar | Necolonial Currencies in Africa: Why does the Franc CFA still exist?

2023-11-29 5:00 PM



Time: 29 Nov, 2023, 17:00
Venue: HS436, HSS Building, South Campus
Speaker: Dr Philip Giurlando

The talk explores the question of why the Franc CFA, a common currency used by 15 Sub Saharan African countries, and overseen by France, continues to exist despite its neocolonial character. The main argument is that geopolitical benefits which accrue to both France and its dependents helps to explain the currency's perpetuation.


Philip Giurlando is Assistant Professor of International Relations in the International Studies Department at XJTLU. Research interests include the formation and consequences of inter-state hierarchies, and populist foreign policies. On the latter, his latest work is Populist Foreign Policy: Regional Perspectives of Populism in the International Scene (Palgrave).

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