SoFTA TV Winter Screening


12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Cinema(2F), AS Building, South Campus of XJTLU


  • Event Title: TV Winter Screening
  • Time&Date: 15 December (Friday) 12:00 - 15:00
  • Venue: AS Cinema
  • Language: English/Chinese
  • Audience: all staff and students
  • Organiser: SoFTA-BA TV Production
  • Abstract: Pilots/prototype episodes of 7 different TV show & 2 TV Studio Game Show

TV Show Introduction

G1: 4 players disguised as fantasy characters each from a different universe were spawned into the modern society through a special machine. This was through a mistake from the inventor’s assistant accidentally activating the machine. However, he was killed not long after and the 4 characters are the suspect. The inventor called upon them to find the killer, only then they will have the promise ofthe inventor to send them back to their universe.

G2:  “Who is outside” is an inference reality show about investigating paranormal stories that are happening around us. The investigation team will use the scientific method of reasoning to solve the truth of the paranormal, whether there are really ghosts in the world, or the people around them have ghostly mind.

G3: Roommate is an Observational Reality show. Four types of guests will enter two house and become roommates. Their conflicts and harmony in cohabiting situations will be recorded. College students, lovers, some person need to rent with others because of some economic issues. By observing other people's roommate lives, we can empathize with them, reflect on and learn from their conflicts. Audience could avoid a series of unnecessary conflicts and quarrels for their cohabitation life while having fun.

G4: What Should I Wear Today is a fashion and dating game show which invites passengers to select three male guests‘ clothes randomly, and let two female guests decide who they are going to date with.

G5: The same guest finds two different partners to produce different experiences, and shows the culture and nature of Suzhou through the show.There are two routes in this program, one is to see the art museum with “partner”indoors, and the other is to do a "city walk" with “partner” outdoors.

G6: "Soul Jigsaw" is an unconventional dating show where a female guest, in search of her soulmate, will make a choice between two male guests with the assistance of robots of varying intelligence levels, all while navigating information gaps and game rules that challenge their understanding of each other's preferences, values, and experiences.

G7: This is a city racing programme. Each episode is set in a different city. Six guests (divided into two groups) are chosen to start from the same starting point. They need to pick up different "transport tickets" and maps in a blind box to get to their destination. During the journey, they will be challenged by different city feature games. The first group to arrive at the destination will be awarded a city-specific prize.

Game Show 1: 1+1=Money is a game show. In each episode of the show, 2 couples will be invited and there will be 3 round of games that test the couples' cooperation, intelligence, strength, or luck. They will get different number of balls after each round of games according to the game mechanism. While the number of balls do not decide which team won directly. After 3 rounds of game, there will be a free dropping ball section. All the balls will be put on the special made machine, the team that owns the balls that reach the box represent largest amount of money will be the winner and get the money.

Game Show 2: Good Value Hunting is a captivating indoor game show where contestants compete to identify valuable items and accurately estimate their worth, all with the ultimate goal of securing the highly sought-after position of appraiser at an auction house.

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