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Learn something new this summer. Spend 2 weeks learning Chinese language (Mandarin) online while also getting a flavor of Chinese culture.

The levels we teach include absolute beginner, elementary and intermediate.

This is the course for you if you:

  • have never studied Chinese before and want a kick start into this fascinating and vital language
  • have already studied some Chinese (to elementary level) and want an effective refresher online course
  • want to seize the time and chance to study Chinese online regardless of where you are
  • want to get a taste of studying at XJTLU


Our two-week summer school online course runs from 28 June – 9 July, 2021.

The course is made up of daily live, interactive online sessions, as well as follow-up exercises and activities.

Live sessions take place Monday to Friday, 2 hours per day. The learning materials of each lesson will be provided by our experienced teachers earlier so you can preview the content. The course is made up of 20 hours of live sessions, and around 20 hours of homework (exercise/quizzes/videos/interactive games, etc.).

There will be plenty of opportunities to practice the language you are learning with your classmates. We also provide opportunities for students to speak with our native Chinese speaker teachers in our live online sessions, and get useful feedback immediately.

Teaching materials and style

The textbook is “HSK Standard Course”, which has received high reputation in preparing for HSK tests. But the classroom will not be textbook based. Our experienced teachers create and adapt their own teaching materials to suit students’ needs and learning style. Our teaching style is communicative where the focus is on your use of the language in class, preparing you for real-life situations outside of class. You will be offered not only live lectures but also the access to lots of interactive tasks and activities.



Employers and university admissions officers widely report that some knowledge of Mandarin and understanding of Chinese culture is highly attractive and will make you stand out from the crowd.


As part of our unique model of instruction there are 3 study levels and you will be enrolled into the appropriate level for your needs. All four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) will be taught with a focus on useable, everyday language that you might expect to use when you visit, live, work or travel in China.


Students will have the opportunity to experience Chinese culture by attending our online workshops on the following two topics.

1. Hands-on Chinese Culture activity- Art of Paper

Haiyun Zeng & Jia Yu

Chinese paper cutting and folding are an ancient craft and tradition. Chinese teachers from XJTLU will deliver this fun hands-on session about the traditional art of paper. You will practice basic paper folding and cutting techniques and create a paper cut of your own design. Just pick up your paper, pen & scissors and GO! (Coloured paper and black ink pen are preferred).

2. Learn Chinese Characters with Visualization and Gamification

Haixia Wang

With Chinese characters as the uniform all across the country, people can read the same newspaper even their spoken languages come in so many distinct dialects. Is memorizing characters impossible? For sure, it is difficult, but you might find it could be a mission possible with visualization. In this session you will not only learn some characters through the whiteboard animations, but also teach others what you have learnt. We will play an online game to practice the characters you have learnt at the end of this session.

Students will have the added bonus of attending online lectures delivered by experts from department of China Studies. Extra lectures delivered are on the following topics:

June 30 China and International Trade
Assistant Professor Miguel Hidalgo Martinez

China is currently one of the major economies in the world. China is now the main trade partner of most of the countries in the world, particularly after it was accepted as a full member of the World Trade Organization in 2001. This lecture will analyse how the Chinese economy is the main factor that shapes trade of different products and services in the world.

July 7 Chinese Culture and Interpersonal Relations in Business
Associate Professor Pawel Zygadlo

China, as a high-context culture, pays particular attention to interpersonal relations. The lecture will on the one hand present the meaning and origin of specific features of interpersonal relations in China. On another, it will try to elucidate the significance of culture-specific values in the context of modern society.

July 14 BRI (Belt and Road Initiative): a New Business Era
Associate Professor Dragan Pavlicevic

Since launched in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has served as the main platform for China's foreign relations. This lecture introduces BRI, focusing on its economic aspects and implications, both domestically in China and internationally.

July 21 Urbanisation in China
Assistant Professor Huimin Du

China is currently going through a large-scale process of urbanisation, with different implications. This lecture will introduce the definition of urban, patterns of urban growth, and challenges in China's urbanisation.

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Knowledge and skills

  • Our award-winning, highly experienced teachers promote communication during live lectures, putting students at the front and centre of the lessons
  • Small class size classes encourage lots of student talk and practice and you will be engaged and active in every single live lesson
  • Teachers will pay attention to your individual requirements to ensure you're building the skills you need
  • You will learn through doing, with lessons giving you language knowledge and skills that can be used immediately.


  • Two weeks

    RMB 2,500 per student

    Included in the price:

    • 20 hours of live lectures of Chinese classes
    • 20 hours of exercises after class


XJTLU offer a good range of scholarships and discounts for students who are interested in our two-week online summer course:

Full fees


100% fee waiver

Students pre- enrolled (deposit paid) on UG/PG programmes with a September 2021 start


  • Current/past XJTLU students (from all UG/PG/short summer programmes)
  • University of Liverpool students (incl. Year in China students)
  • Students recommended by XJTLU partners
  • XJTLU Staff and family/partners

Early Bird discount

Apply before May 31st – receive 20% discount

*only one discount or the scholarship can be applied per applicant

*Travel and living expenses are not included, please consult for details.

How to apply

Chinese Language Summer School Programme (2 weeks)

Date: 28 June – 9 July, 2021.

Application Deadline: 4 June, 2021

Applications should be submitted via XJTLU online application system:

  1. Click/tap the APPLY link
  2. Create an account or log in to your existing account
  3. Complete your application

Once your application account is successfully created, enter all the information required in the application form carefully and make sure the information you provide is correct, complete and up to date. Upload the required documents to the corresponding fields.

You may log-in to view your application form at any time and upload any remaining supporting documents.


For further information and enquiries, please email