Data Center and Hybrid Cloud

To support the teaching model of XJTLU featuring solitary living, XJTLU has built a data center model based on a hybrid cloud to realize unified management, scheduling, security, controllable cost, scalable service, and scalable business of the data center.

The Hybrid Cloud of XJTLU connects the data centers of Suzhou and Taicang campuses through wave division equipment, realizing the sizeable two-layer interconnection between the data centers. Dedicated lines are used to connect the local data center to the public cloud (currently Alibaba Cloud) at the bottom, manage and operate multiple resource pools in a unified manner, and implement unified management, operation, and maintenance of heterogeneous resource pools such as public cloud, private cloud, and virtualization. This way, essential services can be switched over quickly when a fault occurs.

The hybrid cloud integrates computing, network, storage, PaaS middleware, database, load balancing, and security group firewall through the cloud management platform, transforming the original offline manual delivery mode into the user-based self-service mode, improving efficiency and delivery quality.

System deployment is carried out based on hybrid cloud mode, which maximizes the use of massive resource characteristics and elastic characteristics of the public cloud, minimizes the cost input, realizes flexible cross-cloud resource allocation, satisfies high concurrency and security, and provides adequate support for the realization of intelligent campus.

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