U-talk is the online teaching platform of the Chinese Culture Teaching Center (CCTC) at the University of XJTLU. It serves various functions, including teaching, teacher-student interaction, and information sharing.

Before starting a new course, pre-reading materials for each topic will be uploaded into the “Announcement List” on the U-talk home page first, including the content of the accompanying quizzes.

The “Course Board” mainly focuses on student-teacher interactions on relevant topics based on the course design. At the end of each semester, the back-end system will automatically record the five highest-scoring responses of the students in each course, which will be counted as the final evaluation.

Students who are detected to have occupied seats maliciously posted and replied to content illegally or committed any other impermissible behaviors will be banned accordingly. Also, once plagiarism (with or without citation marks, the overlap rate reaches 30%) is confirmed, the course team will issue a time-limited ban on the student. Moreover, suppose the particular student is found to plagiarise twice. In that case, the student will be given a straight zero in the web interaction session and reported to the school’s Academic Affairs Office.

The “Video” section focuses on posting the outstanding works of the previous micro-lesson project. The students will vote out the due micro-lesson worksthe “Voting” section each year.

The “News” section focuses on posting the school’s activities or the CCT class. Notably, the excellent performance of the students during the activities will also be posted in this section.

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