XJTLU Intranet

XJTLU Intranet


The intranet system (https://intranet.xjtlu.edu.cn) provides unified and efficient approval services to replace the previous offline forms. Ordinary users only need to log in to the intranet system to apply for various services provided by various departments. Approval personnel only need to log in to the intranet system (regardless of PC or mobile app client) to complete the approval. When the approver is not sure whether the application can be approved, the forwarding and consultation functions provided by the system can easily ask professionals who know more about the application to help the approver complete the approval. Moreover, the existing processes in other business systems can also be connected to a set of standard APIs provided by the intranet system, so that the user can see in the intranet system which other business system approvals he still needs to process, and what he has already processed.

At the same time, the intranet system also provides department pages and policy pages for each business department. Through the low-code construction capability of the intranet system, it can quickly respond to the needs of user departments to create department-specific pages.

In the future, the intranet will continue to be an important component as the process engine in the office center, constantly improving and optimizing various business forms.

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