New opportunity for UoL students to study at XJTLU

06 Nov 2015

An exciting new opportunity for students from the University of Liverpool to study at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University has just been launched.

Year in China is a flagship programme that will allow students from almost all disciplines at UoL to spend one year at XJTLU studying Chinese language and China studies under some of the world’s leading academics in this field.

The programme is different from other study abroad opportunities as students will combine their Liverpool degree programme with an additional year at XJTLU. The course of study will help students gain a more in-depth understanding of China.

Officially launched at an event in Liverpool on Thursday 5 November, the programme celebrates the special partnership between UoL and XJTLU.

It is one of a range of initiatives provided by UoL designed to make it easier for students in the United Kingdom to spend time studying in China.

In addition to spending a full-year at XJTLU, Liverpool students can also take advantage of two summer school programmes focussed on Chinese language and social change in China, as well as postgraduate programmes.

These opportunities add to the already wide variety of options available to international visiting students who want to come to XJTLU for study abroad.

“XJTLU is an international university in China, cofounded and accredited by the University of Liverpool. We hope students will be inspired to take advantage of one or more of these unique opportunities that will help them stand out from the crowd in the graduate employment market,” said Professor Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor of UoL.

Economics undergraduate student Jacob Wiltshire spent a full academic year at XJTLU and found the experience invaluable. He said: “The experiences that I had whilst living, studying and travelling in China have greatly enriched my life and placed me in a stronger position for pursuing future employment. Coming to China and studying at XJTLU has given me the best time of my life that I will never forget.”

Employers report that China experience helps graduates stand out from the crowd. Developing an understanding of the world’s second largest economy and largest consumer market, combined with the intercultural skills gained, will give students an advantage when seeking employment.

“China’s economic growth has already had a dramatic effect on the rest of the world, not simply in terms of world politics, but especially in terms of reducing the costs of consumer goods and services,” explained Professor David Goodman, Head of the China Studies Department at XJTLU.

“And yet, China’s GDP per capita remains low, only just having reached middle income status. Given the changes to date its likely continued growth by a factor three or four is going to have an even greater impact on the countries and peoples of the rest of the world. Knowing about China and the Chinese will be a necessity regardless of one’s profession or employment.”

Even short periods of time spent abroad can be an enriching experience. Hannah Bryant, an architecture student, spent one semester at XJTLU and feels the confidence she gained from living in a different country has made her more employable: “The trip was such a positive experience and I really enjoyed the time out there as well as the benefits it has given me now that I am back at Liverpool,” she said.

Students can find out more about the Year in China programme by visiting the University of Liverpool’s website, while XJTLU’s website features a host of information about living in Suzhou.

06 Nov 2015