Professor Youmin Xi speaks at Wujiang District lecture hall

02 Mar 2016

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Executive President Professor Youmin Xi gave a speech on promoting industries, cities and people’s integration through innovation and entrepreneurship, on the afternoon of 27 February 2016, as part of a lecture series in Suzhou’s Wujiang District.

The speech was part of the district’s “Four New” lecture series, which covers “new ideas, new theories, new knowledge and new technology”.

The lecture series was held by the Wujiang District Organisation Department and the Taihu New City Administrative Committee.

Professor Xi’s speech covered five aspects: why industries, cities and people should be integrated; management logic and strategies for integration; promoting cities’ harmonious development through internationalisation; the urbanisation boom and urban operation; and promoting integration through innovation and entrepreneurship.

He said that government should lead the integration of industries, cities and people, as well as position cities clearly, encourage talent to be innovative and open their own businesses, develop new industries, optimise urban functions and improve the level of urban construction through advanced and precise planning.

Talking about innovation and entrepreneurship, Professor Xi pointed out that in the internet era new kinds of services in health, entertainment and pensions are required. For individual entrepreneurs, only if their business is valuable will there be space for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Members of the audiences said that Professor Xi’s speech gave them further understanding and knowledge about the integration of industries, cities and people. One member of the audience said his speech was “inspiring” and would guide the acceleration of the Taihu New City’s integration of industry, city and people.

02 Mar 2016