Pittsburgh Innovate programme returns to XJTLU

March 09, 2017

Students from the University of Pittsburgh visited Xi’an Jiatong-Liverpool University this week as part of the INNOVATE programme, organised in collaboration with The Asia Institute.

The programme aims to explore the relationship between technology, globalisation, and leadership in the global marketplace by giving international students first-hand experience in China.

As well as XJTLU, students visited the famous sights of Beijing, Peking University, and the Great Leap Brewery, a craft beer company started by University of Pittsburgh graduate Carl Setzer.

In Suzhou, they visited manufacturing company Eaton, ASUS Technology, a silk factory, and the historical site of Tiger Hill.

At XJTLU they met with students, had an introductory Chinese lesson, and took a tour of the campus. Their experiences follow a similar visit by students from the University of Pittsburgh last year.

“Tiger Hill was so amazing!” said Casey Cloonan, who studies civil engineering at Pittsburgh. “It’s amazing to see ancient architecture that we can’t really experience in the U.S.”

She added that she was impressed with the XJTLU campus and the design and layout of the Suzhou Industrial Park – where XJTLU is located – in general.

Another University of Pittsburgh student John Driggers, studying bio-engineering, said he had never considered studying in China before but his experiences on the trip were opening his eyes to the possibilities of studying and working in the country.

It was the third year that Dr Jayant Rajgopal, professor of industrial engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, had taken part in the programme: “We visit new places each year. Students find it really interesting and it gives them valuable insight into how engineering and business is done here in China, as well as exposing them to important cultural sites,” he said.

The University of Pittsburgh offers current XJTLU students the opportunity to take part in non-credit short-term summer courses in a wide range of subjects through the Study Abroad Foundation.

March 09, 2017


Students from University of Pittsburgh visit XJTLU on China tour

Students from University of Pittsburgh visit XJTLU on China tour

Students from the University of Pittsburgh INNOVATE programme are visiting Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University this week as part of a nine-day tour of China’...

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