Professor Youmin Xi on XJTLU's second 10-year development strategy

16 Jan 2018

A delegation from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University has discussed cooperation possibilities with the municipal government of Xi’an, Shaanxi.

With the support of the municipal government of Xi’an, XJTLU will work together with the industrial union and fund organisations to set up a national level ‘HuiHu International Innovation and Ecological Hub’ in Xi’an.

‘HuiHu International Innovation and Ecological Hub’ aims to aggregate the power of government, universities and entrepreneurs union, to develop a new competitive advantage of Xi’an through international advanced production capacity cooperation and assist in developing Xi’an into a ‘Global Hard and Core Technology City’.

Professor Youmin Xi, executive president of XJTLU, stated that the cooperation between XJTLU and Xi’an is an important step under the second-10-year development strategy of XJTLU.

Professor Xi said: “The second-10-year development strategy of XJTLU includes four main aspects. One of the four aspects is that XJTLU would like to use university intellectual resources and international knowledge networks to mobilise social resources and promote the construction of an innovation ecology and modern green society.

For this purpose, XJTLU will set up the ‘New Era Development Research Institute’, which will target key issues related to China dream and future world development to execute strategic research and policy analysis on areas such as: a community of shared future, international innovation ecology and modern green society.”

Professor Xi further explained that XJTLU will not be limited by theoretical research or Think Tank recommendations. XJTLU will cooperate with international enterprises and organisational confederations, financial institutions and funds together with combining research to carry out three kinds of economic and social experiments including: International Common Market Area, International Innovation and Ecological Harbour and Modern Green Society Pilot Zone.

These experiments will put the research results into practical application and provide ‘XJTLU Solutions and Demonstration Base’ for future social development in the new era. XJTLU will also explore a new mechanism of symbiosis between education, universities and society into the future.

Professor Xi continued stating that the mission of XJTLU is to explore four aspects: 1) integrating global resources and the best educational practice of west and east to explore an educational model that will be best fit for the future; 2) exploring an operation system of university organisation and management that adapts to an internationalised and networked environment; 3) exploring a new interactive relationship between universities and society and 4) based on the above three exploration, to influence Chinese higher education reform and educational development in the world.

After its first-10-year development, XJTLU has established: a creative educational model for cultivating internationalised specialised elites; networked-and-platform-type university organisation and management system; open-ended university and society interactive eco-system; leadership and educational advanced research and a training base that radiates its profound influence across China.

Looking forward to the second-10-years and based on further strengthening its internationalised features and deepening its basic functions in the areas of education, research and social service, XJTLU will have a significant new strategic outline:

• XJTLU will continue to deepen and improve the initially established educational model, aimed at cultivating internationalised specialised elites. In the meantime, XJTLU will also explore ways to foster the ‘Syntegrative Education’ model for industry elites and industry leaders in order to face the challenges of artificial intelligence and automation.

• On the basis of perfecting the networked-and-platform-type university organisation and management system, XJTLU will explore a new form of university and campus through the development of the ‘Entrepreneur College at XJTLU’

• XJTLU hopes to use university intellectual resources and international knowledge networks to mobilise social resources and promote the development of an innovation ecology and modern green society;

• XJTLU will further expand and enhance its function as a leadership and educational research and training base, making it an influential education base both within China and abroad.

Translation by Guojuan Wang and Qiuchen Hu, edited by Jacqueline Bánki

16 Jan 2018