XJTLU signs agreement for Syntegrative Education in Taicang

27 Mar 2018

A framework agreement was signed between Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and the municipal government of Taicang for cooperation in operating Entrepreneur College, as a part of the XJTLU Syntegrative Education Model.

According to the agreement, XJTLU will work together with the municipal government of Taicang on a programme to implement the new model of higher education ‘XJTLU Syntegrative Education’ in Taicang. Both sides will conduct in-depth cooperation with businesses and industries to cultivate international industry elites that are able to drive industries of the future.

Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Taicang, Mi Shen, said that the cooperation is part of the strategic plan of XJTLU and also very much in line with the high quality development requirements of Taicang.

“Taicang will actively push forward the cooperation with XJTLU and promote the items listed in the agreement to be realised and be effective as early as possible,” added Mi Shen.

Professor Youmin Xi, executive president of XJTLU, said: “We gather together today to witness this historic moment, a new educational model that will lead future international education and will emerge in Taicang.”

He stated that XJTLU Syntegrative Education in Taicang will seek in-depth partnerships with businesses to explore educational models that will prepare leadership for the challenges from AI and the automatisation of industry. Specifically, the Entrepreneur College is XJTLU’s exploration into new models for the future international university and campus. The Innovation and Entrepreneur Community will facilitate strong interactions between university, industry and society in fostering innovation and the development of a modern and green society.

Located in Taicang High-Tech Development Zone, the planning of the programme will be in accordance with XJTLU’s understanding for future universities and its campus and educational philosophy of Syntegrative Education. It will cover the elements of education, research, training, entrepreneurship, business, resident and commerce, and fully reflect the university-industry and university-society integration features of the model for future international university.

Its development will be aligned to the ideals entailed in cooperation and mutual benefit, environmental sustainability, and innovation based on the organisational principles of strategic planning, centralised budgeting and attention to detail.
The campus will start enrollments in 2019 and operations in 2020. It is anticipated to have over 5,000 students by 2025, and will offer both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.

The qualified graduates will obtain four degrees: globally-recognised XJTLU and University of Liverpool degrees, as well as, XJTLU and University of Liverpool Syntegrative Education industry degrees.

A learning mall-centered platform will be created in the future which will be supported by Innovation Factory, the Community of Research and Development Institute, a platform of standard, IP and Accreditation, the International Innovation Hub, and an Alliance of Industry and Society.

It will also establish various industry schools with partner businesses via the platform within the Entrepreneur College in Taicang. The programme will be operated through the syntegration of learning, research, training, entrepreneurship and business development.

The industry schools will undertake teaching and research functions and these schools will be set up jointly by XJTLU and well-known local and international companies in specific fields. Such partnerships are based on future demand and key industry alignment to future development trends, for example, AI, robotics, industry + network, big data, healthcare, entertainment, new materials, smart manufacturing, and biochemistry.

Distinguished guests who attended the signing ceremony were: Huimin Xu, member of the Suzhou Standing Committee of the CPC and secretary of the Suzhou Industrial Park Party Working Committee; Houling Cao, deputy mayor of the municipal government of Suzhou; Mi Shen, secretary of the municipal Party Committee of Taicang; Jianguo Wang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party Committee of Taicang and mayor of Taicang; Wenhui Qian, deputy secretary of the municipal Party Committee of Taicang; Weiqi Lu, chairman of the Standing Committee of Taicang, member of the Taicang Standing Committee of the CPC and executive deputy mayor of Taicang; Professor Youmin Xi, executive president of XJTLU and pro vice-chancellor of the University of Liverpool; Professor David Goodman, vice president for academic affairs of XJTLU; Dr Yimin Ding, vice president for administrative affairs of XJTLU and Professor Qiuling Chao, vice president of XJTLU, XJTLU Heads of Departments and XJTLU Center Directors.

By Bo Kou and Tiantian Xu, photos by Chenxu Zhao and Jianping Yao

Translation by Guojuan Wang, edited by Jacqueline Bánki and Xin Bi

27 Mar 2018


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