The Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University School of Film and Television Arts is hosting a research lecture series in collaboration with the School of Communication at Soochow University.

In the first session, Bruce McConnell (pictured above, left), global vice president of foreign affairs institution EastWest spoke about global cooperation in cyberspace in an era of competition.

McConnell notes the need to for industries to come together and work against international cyber threats to promote a safe and secure world.

“Cyberspace is a global man-made space where human minds come together every day, learn from each other, and create new knowledge and experiences,” says McConnell. “This space faces threats from everywhere, and we need networked responses to networked threats.”

In a lecture entitled ‘Internet Governance, Internet Fragmentation and the Crisis of the Narrative’, Leonid Todorov (pictured above, right), general manager of non-profit Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association, noted that it is difficult to develop rules for the internet because of ‘multistakeholderism’.

He criticises governments and internet shareholders of being ignorant of the realities and confused about the technical coordination of cyberspace governance.

Dr Holger Briel from the XJTLU School of Film and Television Arts remarked: “It was interesting to see Russian and American high officials engage international students in China on internet governance.”

Masters student Andre Ng said: “It is terrific listening to international viewpoints on the internet, as well as what the future holds for its governance and possible evolution.’

Story and photo by Nelson Omenugha; edited by Danny Abbasi

More information on the XJTLU SoFTA Lecture Series is available on the XJTLU Events page.

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