​XJTLU inspires future medical education in Suzhou

21 Oct 2019

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University was considered a shining example of international cooperation by a visiting delegation of educators and health professionals who are working together to help establish a new medical center in Suzhou.

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, United States, is working with China-based Huici Health Management Co. to help with international physician training and the design of a new medical centre, including a 1,000-bed hospital, in Suzhou.

To learn more about the international educative experience, a visiting group comprising representatives of both institutions toured the campus and listened to XJTLU Executive President Professor Youmin Xi outline the unique features of the University’s education model earlier this month.

Washington University School of Medicine’s Chancellor Emeritus Mark Wrighton described XJTLU’s education model as “impressive.”

“We’re exploring a partnership in Suzhou to develop a hospital which will be focussing on cancer diagnosis and treatment. We’re looking forward to learning much more about Suzhou and coming to this unusual and impressive university is a real pleasure,” he said.

“It is representative of a new model and I know this university, from the briefing we have had, is seeking to be a model for other institutions of higher education and that’s admirable.”

After the Huici Medical Center opens in 2020, medical students, residents and fellows from the School of Medicine of the U.S. university will have opportunities to learn and train at the new medical centre.

In welcoming the delegation, Professor Xi said the visit could pave the way for future cooperative opportunities in terms of research and medical education.

“The plan is to develop a hospital and their purpose is to develop a graduate school in the hospital, so they chose to visit XJTLU to learn more about the international cooperative experience,” he said.

“It‘s possible for us in future to explore cooperative opportunities in terms of research and medical education.”

By Will Venn

21 Oct 2019


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