New staff member in the Department of Computing: Dr Lingyun Yu

July 04, 2020

School of Advanced Technology would like to welcome and introduce our new faculty member: Dr. Lingyun Yu from the Department of Computing.

Professional experience:

I am working as a researcher/teacher in the university since 2013 after my PhD. Through my teaching experience of different positions (from teaching assistant to course manager), in different types of universities (local Chinese university, international university and Dutch university), to different level of students (Bachelor and Master program students), I obtained significant teaching experience in teaching different types of students by using different approaches.

My research is focusing on different aspects of visualization and human-computer interaction. As a researcher, I have collaborated with astronomers, medical doctors, and companies on different projects.

Research interest:

My current research focuses on interactive visualization, human-computer interaction (HCI) and visual storytelling techniques. Data visualization plays a significant role in many disciplines. In particular, the exploration of three-dimensional data is core to many tasks and domains involving data visualization.

I am researching ways for scientists to more effectively explore the data and to be able to do so in an intuitive and understandable way. My guiding principle is that gestures / interaction in data exploration can be combined with the structure of the data to reveal the users’ intention. Interaction techniques which infer users’ subtle intention from gestural input can lead to a more effective exploration in complex situations.

Expectations for XJTLU and School of Advanced Technology:

I have taught to very different cohorts of students and one of the fundamental aspects of my teaching philosophy is that one should adapt the course design and methods to the particular cohort. It is one of the most satisfying aspects of being a teacher to guide students to their path as academic citizens, and I am very eager to develop professionally in this respect, by taking part in the teaching professionalization activities that take place at XJTLU and by learning from the collective experience of my colleagues.

My research is inherently interdisciplinary. In this respect, it is compatible with the philosophy and will contribute to the research aspirations of SAT.

(By Huatian Jin, photos provided by Dr Lingyun Yu)

July 04, 2020