New staff member in the Department of Communications and networking: Dr Jingchen Wang

23 Jul 2020

School of Advanced Technology would like to welcome and introduce our new faculty member: Dr. Jingchen Wang from the Department of Communications and Networking.

Professional Experience:

2019.12 - Present: Lecturer, School of Advanced Technology, XJTLU, China.

Research interest:

Wireless power transfer (WPT) technology, as a promising technology, in which radiated electromagnetic waves are used to convey power from one location to another, has become of increasing interest to the scientific community. It can be applied in applications where it is not feasible to provide continuous power to devices such as portable aerial drones commonly used for example to assist in disasters to detect and pinpoint survivors.

WPT also provides convenience, allowing consumer devices such as electric vehicles, mobile/portable devices and implantable medical devices (IMDs) to be powered wirelessly, overcoming battery life limitations and avoiding umbilical cables. With the continuous progress in science and technology, a myriad of IMDs have been invented aimed at improving public health and wellbeing. One of the main problems with these devices is their limited battery lifetime, increasing the expense and risk of surgery.

What my main research area is to propose an efficient near-field WPT system for such devices, which could be used to remedy the limited battery lifetime of IMDs.

Wireless power transfer technology for diverse applications

In addition, my research interests include wearable antennas, implantable antennas, wireless power transfer, energy harvesting for 5G and 6G+ applications. I have been a reviewer of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, IEEE ACCESS, IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS I: REGULAR PAPERS.

Expectations for XJTLU and the School of Advanced Technology:

It’s my great honor to join this international team owning the strong academic atmosphere and diversified scientific research groups. I am looking forward to guiding students to develop a deep insight of knowledge and independent learning ability to overcome challenges. Contributions will be made on cultivating students based on the University’s motto ‘Light and wings’ so that they will possess their unique advantages in competitive society.Expectations for XJTLU and the School of Advanced Technology.

(By Huatian Jin, photos provided by Dr Jingchen Wang)

23 Jul 2020