New staff member in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Dr Bing Han

14 Aug 2020

School of Advanced Technology would like to welcome and introduce our new faculty member: Dr Bing Han from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Professional Experience:

I worked as a research assistant in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at XJLTU after received my PhD degree. I worked with my colleagues in the research area about “transactive energy”.

Research interests:

I am interested in electric vehicle integration in smart grids. With the rapid development of electric vehicles in recent years, electric vehicles play an important role in the transportation network. From the viewpoint of the power grids, the electric vehicle is regarded as an electric load with uncertainty in terms of spatial and temporal. Therefore, electric vehicle is the third party that enables the coupling between the transportation network with the power network. Since the charging behaviours of electric vehicles have high flexibility, the energy management of electric vehicles while satisfying various stakeholders’ interests is vital.

My research is to proposed several electric vehicle energy management strategies to satisfy stakeholders, such as driving requirements of owners, charging fee minimization, road congestion mitigation, and power grids efficiency improvement.

Expectations for XJTLU and School of Advanced Technology:

I hope to explore new methods to involve research in daily teaching activities. I hope students could enjoy doing research and their curiosity could be inspired.

(By Huatian Jin, photos provided by Dr Bing Han)

14 Aug 2020