XJTLU Architecture students’ magazine GRID making their own voices via written and visual work

14 Apr 2021

XJTLU Architecture student magazine GRID has been experimenting with its digital publication via new social media platform to reach a wider community. Recently, an editorial team lunch gathering was organized to discuss and define the magazine’s future direction.

Prof Gisela Loehlein, Head of the Department of Architecture, joined the lunch and encouraged students to ensure and spread their own voices via this magazine. Beside articles, she suggested the students using GRID as a venue for producing artwork and as an integral work of architects.

"The magazine is envisioned to be a soul excavator of architecture students in their hard study life. When they recall their life in the Department, they will remember a student magazine that has captured their interesting soul," said Dr. Jiawen Han, the managing editor and supervisor of GRID.

The new student chief editors Qiaodan Liu and Ayue Zhang both expressed their intention to rediscover and document vibrant spaces and live stories within Design Building via written and visual works. They want GRID to be more connected to architecture students’ life.

GRID has been publishing high-quality student work in the past and aims to advance written and visual work simultaneously into sharper voices in future development.

Story and photos provided by Department of Architecture

Edited by Yi Qian

14 Apr 2021