School of Humanities and Social Sciences Logo competition results

04 Jun 2021

Based on the internal discussion and with the aim of highlighting School identity, School of Humanities and Social Sciences Logo competition results are announced as follow:

One first prize, one second prize, one third prize, and five honorary prize.

[First Prize]

“The design was inspired from the abbreviation of ‘HSS’, which stands for humanities and social sciences. The logo is composed of a lowercase letter of ‘h’ on the left side, a lowercase letter of ‘s’ on the bottom and a dot within the ‘s’ representing double ‘s’. The composition of the two letters intended to express the well combination of humanities research and social sciences study. Meanwhile, the combination of ‘h’ and ‘s’ looks similar to the bridge and river in the old town of Suzhou.”


Design School

[Second Prize]

“The shape of the logo is a water droplet, which means that language and words can describe and contain everything like water do when they are used with emotion. Additionally, it also represents the old say ‘Shangshan Ruoshui’ in Chinese. The droplet is consisted of the initial letters of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, ‘HSS’. The ‘H’ at the bottom is the initials of the humanities, which is the foundation of literature and language. Transform the ‘H’ into the shape of a pen, which means ‘write your own story with a pen’.”

Xichun. Lou
Design School

[Third Prize]

“Inspired by the Silk Road as well as some traditional symbols of Suzhou, the design adopted the form of Chinese landscape painting scrolls to showcase the underlying relations. HSS unfolds on the scroll within one stroke, resembling a fluttering silk or a winding river that links China and the world. Meanwhile, the ‘Science’ in the center of logo connects ‘Humanity’ and ‘Society’, indicating ongoing dynamic interdisciplinary research and communication in fields of Humanities and Social Science here at the HSS.”

Design School

[Honorary Prize]

By Ying Jiang

04 Jun 2021