Welcome to The School of Cultural Technology: A reception of the Yangzhou government officials and Enlight Media visiting

January 01, 2023

On December 15, 2022, The School of Cultural Technology made a reception of the visit by Yangzhou government officials and Enlight Media. Government officials from Dujiang District, Yangzhou, Mr. Xu Zhang and his people, accompanied by Prof Stuart Perrin, Associate Principal of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang), Ms. Wei Li, Executive Assistant of Associate Principal and Prof Evelyn Mai, Associate Dean of SCT, visited the Taicang campus and Building G for our school. The officials visited the office area in building G to learn more about our academic staff, teaching quality and facilities. At the beginning of this visit, they first came to the Taicang Campus Public Auditorium, where they learned about the development process, management system, student progression system and future development plan of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang). They had a pleasant conversation with Prof Stuart Perrin. Then, led by Prof Mai, they went to our G building for a visit. Our technical department colleagues explained to the leaders the structure of the whole building, our unique and diversified characteristic spaces, etc. The leaders were amazed by our special high-configuration computer lab. One after another, they visited the immersive theatre, audio-visual editing room, recording studio, and many labs. They can be specifically subdivided into a game production lab, digital image lab, and animation lab; they also gave the leaders a deeper understanding of our institute.

It is reported that Yangzhou Jiangdu District’s trip is to understand and be familiar with the development and operation of the educational segment of the film and television base. Led by Mr. Zhang Xu, so a standing committee member of Jiangdu District, a group of 10 people conducted this field trip to the Taicang campus. In addition, among them were Mr. Hong Yuan, the general manager and Mr. Deyi Yao, the deputy general manager of our industry partners from Enlight Media.

Before concluding the visit, the officials praised the environment of our building and the advanced equipment configuration. They have also expressed their affirmation and reassurance about our school. While affirming the achievements made by the School of Cultural Technology, they gave certain constructive opinions and placed high hopes for the development of our institute. Several people expressed their expectations of our school and that they hope we can continuously improve its comprehensive strength and enhance its position in the field to which it belongs. They also hope the School of Cultural Technology can make a more significant contribution to promoting follow-up cooperation, such as film and television bases and other regional development.

(Photo, Edited by Ruinan Shi)

January 01, 2023