IBSS Reaches Historic Milestone with China UN PRME Champion Status

12 Jan 2023

We are excited to announce that International Business School Suzhou (IBSS) has been selected as a Champion School for the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative. The PRME Champions group aims to contribute to thought and action leadership on responsible management education in the context of the UN sustainable development agenda, both within their countries and regions, and globally. One of 47 PRME Champions worldwide, IBSS is the only Chinese business school to be granted PRME Champion status this year. With this new role, IBSS has committed to working collaboratively with other schools to positively transform business and management education, actively engage with PRME Chapters and other institutions to support the implementation of sustainability principles worldwide, and contribute to broader UN initiatives like the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

IBSS Associate Dean for Responsible and Sustainable Business Education, Dr. Ellen Touchstone

“This major achievement is the culmination of 5 years of intensive work developing the school’s capacity in sustainable teaching, research and service, in addition to ensuring that Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability (ERS) remained ingrained at all levels of the school’s operations. Over this period the school has created multiple new ERS positions, developed award-winning ERS initiatives, established a centre for ERS research and practice, hosted the 2021 PRME RME conference, launched a school-wide carbon neutral project, and upgraded its learning outcomes to better reflect the SDG related challenges faced by businesses, students and educators.”

IBSS Dean - Professor Jorg Bley

“We are deeply honoured to have been selected for this role, which serves as a testament to the hard work done by IBSS staff and students in recent years to upgrade the school’s impact in ERS. However, for us this is only the beginning. Alongside the PRME China Chapter, IBSS aims to build a China-wide ecosystem of business schools working together to promote awareness of UN’s SDGs and to develop strategies in pursuit of these goals within the cultural context of China.   As a highly respected international business school, IBSS is also well-positioned as a bridge and learning platform between China and the rest of the world, able to support a responsible management education dialogue between highly diverse cultures. As a PRME Champion school, I see great things ahead for IBSS, our students and the communities we serve.”

IBSS became a PRME signatory in 2013, an advanced signatory in 2019, and was a key founding member of the PRME China Chapter in 2021. It is the school’s mission to drive positive impact and sustainable development in China and internationally. If you would like to learn more about the UN PRME initiative or the PRME Champions programme, please click here: https://www.unprme.org/prme-champions

12 Jan 2023