Welcome new staff in Biological Sciences

January 12, 2023

We are pleased to welcome and introduce a new faculty member to the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Biological Sciences, the School of Science, Dr Min Tang. Having her on board, the School can further improve the teaching quality, expand the faculty capacity, and provide an excellent education for our programmes.


Dr. Tang got exposed to omics since her bachelor and master period studying on bioleaching bacteria in Central South University. She then stepped into big data world during work in BGI for 5 years as a bioinformatics researcher mainly studying on genomics and biodiversity. She developed efficient protocols and bioinformatics pipelines for biodiversity monitoring and evaluation using genomics. For PhD degree, she joined China Agricultural University focusing on gut microbiome and symbiosis using honeybee model, and study the biological adaptation of this key pollinator.


Dr. Tang will teach the UG course: BIO206. The teaching module will include research projects to show how bioinformatics help to answer biological questions.

"I mainly try to know how animals change to respond and adapt to the challenging earth."

Dr. Tang’s major research interests will be the consequences of numerous pressing environmental issues, and the biological adaptation of the threatened animals. She hopes to explore the Bee gut microbiome, Bee dietary evolution, Bee foraging evolution and Host-specificity of honeybee symbionts in the future.

training course about genome-skimming pipeline


Suzhou is a rising city for biological research and industry with great potential, and XJTLU provides scientists with substantial support on research.

Dr Tang would also like to apply research findings to industrial application, therefore she value this opportunity.

"With superior research support and academic freedom in XJTLU, I can continue my fond studies and introduce more young people to the research field."


January 12, 2023