XJTLU Urban & Environmental Studies University Research Centre (UES) and Suzhou Changguang Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. jointly held a seminar on Low Carbon Pavilion and Innovation Park, discussing low-carbon cutting-edge issues and their practices in Suzhou.

During the seminar, more than 10 experts, business representatives, and young scholars from domestic and foreign universities talked about how low-carbon development is a predominant path for the world to implement international conventions, as well as an important channel for global cooperation in the post-epidemic era.

Centering on the concept of low-carbon “life, production and ecology”, participants envisioned the development of new type low-carbon experience pavilion and innovation park.

It integrates multiple functions of “publicity and education, technological innovation, research platform, urban regeneration demonstration” by giving full play to the resources and strengths of universities and social capital, and relying on low-carbon frontier research and innovation technology.

It is set to pave way for the mode innovation and practical application of low-carbon concept, and further the strategic goal of green transformation of China's economic and social development.

Dr Yunqing Xu, Director of UES, mentioned that there still calls for effective catalysts for knowledge popularization and behavioural changes in low-carbon fields, besides innovation and application of new solutions.

“Hence, it needs to strive to form an integrated science and innovation platform for low-carbon education, innovation, exchange, and entrepreneurship.

“First, the project should incorporate people's production and living needs and practice low-carbon behaviour. Second, the project should stimulate the scientific research of XJTLU and beyond, and work with local enterprises to attract domestic and foreign innovative resources,” she said.

“Developing low carbon is the social responsibility of enterprises. The original intention of enterprises to participate in ‘university-industry’ cooperation is to make low-carbon moving from practice to belief,” said Wenqing Lu, Chairman of Changguang Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.

Dr Qingwen Tian, expert on low carbon building from North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, introduced UEA Zero Carbon Enterprise Centre in the UK which is an award-winning project that he participated in, and put forward localization strategy in the context of Suzhou work and life pattern and climate environment.

Professor Dasheng Zhao emphasized that the endeavour should endow Suzhou historical and cultural city with a new connotation in the new era, with joint efforts of diverse forces and an international vision and team. He suggested that green finance, industry participation, and sustainable development mode should be integrated.

Dr Paola Pellegrini, Associate Professor at XJTLU’s Department of Urban Planning and Design, introduced the historical urban transformation experience of European countries and proposed that the exploration of low-carbon project should become a new local history in Suzhou in years later, and dig deep into the meaning that the low-carbon pavilion can still be preserved in the future.

Bing Ji, Design Director of Singapore SCP Consultants Pte. Ltd., proposed that it is crucial to interact with the local community and people from all walks of life for greater vitality. It is the radiation effect that would drive the low-carbon transformation, public participation and make low-carbon become a fashion.

The seminar reached a consensus on taking root in local Suzhou, promoting initiation of university and social cooperation, strengthening exchanges with international organizations and communities, and decided to set up a special working group for advancing implementation.

Story and photos provided by XJTLU Urban & Environmental Studies University Research Centre (UES)

Edited by Yi Qian

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