MCM Collaboration between XJTLU and SCUT

15 Feb 2023

Professor Shenquan Liu and his team of South China University of Technology (SCUT) visited School of Mathematics and Physics on Feb 8th. He gave a talk on an overview on the type of questions in mathematical contest in modelling (MCM) with two real cases analysis, the comprehensive talk was both online and onsite, warmly welcomed by the students and colleagues from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

“XJTLU has a good tradition in math modelling contest and has achieved decent grades as a young university, we look forward to further and deeper collaboration between XJTLU and SCUT in modelling contest.” Professor Shenquan Liu said during the visit last week.

Professor Shenquan Liu is the Vice President of Guangdong Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the professor leading their math modelling contest in SCUT.

The collaboration of the modeling team between XJTLU and SCUT started in 2021, has provided a series of talk on MCM and China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM) jointly, open to both universities’ students. XJTLU has a good tradition on participating in MCM and CUMCM. Leading by Dr. Fajin Wei currently, the discipline construction is thriving.

A meeting on further collaboration held afterwards, Professor Gang Liu, deputy dean in teaching and learning stated the current development and challenges of participating MCM in XJTLU, Professor Rui Zhang and Professor Kun Zhang also introduced the team and students' achievements to the visitors. Two sides exchanged the views and experiences, seeking for more opportunities in future talk series and joint-supervision.

By Mu He

Edited by Qinru Liu

Photos courtesy of Mu He

15 Feb 2023