IBSS and Prysmian Conclude Successful Leadership Programme

09 Mar 2023

On March 9, 2023, XJTLU International Business School Suzhou (IBSS) and the Prysmian (China) Group hosted a closing ceremony for their highly successful leadership training programme.

Representing IBSS at the ceremony were Associate Dean for Profession Engagement, Professor Roberto Dona; IBSS Associate Dean for Responsible and Sustainable Business Education, Dr. Ellen Touchstone; Prysmian Training Programme Academic Director, Dr. Filippo Garini; in addition to a group of IBSS academic and professional staff. The event was also attended by Prysmian (China) Group’s Human Resource Director, Ms. Lei Peng, and other representatives from the company.

On behalf of Prysmian China, Ms. Peng started the event with an opening speech, saying, "After our first collaboration with IBSS in 2021 involving environmental, social and corporate governance training, we received a lot of positive feedback from the participants and they wanted to expand their knowledge into new areas. The training was then adapted with theaddition of new sessions on human resource management and finance." Ms. Peng also noted that the main objective of the leadership training programme was to improve communication skills. She added that leadership is also embedded in the philosophy of communication, which is also acrucial area for employees to develop in.

Picture 1: Ms Lei peng
IBSS Dr. Filippo Garini, Academic Director of the programme, welcomed and congratulated the guests and participants inattendance at the closing ceremony. He also expressed his appreciation and recognition to participants for overcoming the impact the epidemic had on this year’s training sessions. 

Picture 2:  Dr. Filippo Garini 

After these opening speeches, participants were divided into 6 groups, some of which shared their experience working towards success during the business simulation component of the programme. Other groups delivered a presentation on their own journeys, learning and achievements, thereby promoting mutual cooperation and knowledge sharing among group members.

Picture 3-4:  Group presentation

Picture 5: Professor Roberto Dona - Associate Dean for Profession Engagement
Picture 6: Profesor Dona and Ms Lei Peng presented participants with certificates of completion

IBSS developed and refined a six-module programme for Prysmian (China), which takes into account the company's own culture and market environment as well as the characteristics of the times and Prysmian (China) Group’s strategic positioning. This customised programme covers the areas of digital intelligence for the future, financial management, communication skills, leadership and effective team management, talent management in the age of innovation, emotional leadership and talent relationship management, and the characteristics of leaders in an era of change. At the same time, the programme features an innovative business simulation component, combining theory and practice to ensure that Prysmian (China) Group received the highest quality in executive leadership training in China.

As a highly diverse multinational company, Prysmian (China) Group not only needs to meet its own development needs and strategic objectives in its day-to-day management and operations, but must also fully understand the characteristics of the Chinese market and suitably integrate with Chinese culture. Based on this need, and adhering to the philosophy of "Connecting East and West, Serving the World", the IBSS executive team proposed to focus more on practicality, operability and interactivity in their teaching methods. This involved the use of non-lecture teaching methods such as group discussions,interactive cases and simulations, allowing the students to communicate with each other, learn from each other and truly integrate into the classroom. The programme concludes with participants summarising, synthesizing,sharing and implementing their proposals and views on future trends, before continuing on their journeys to become well-rounded, professional and creative leaders.

Picture 7: Group photo

09 Mar 2023