Listen to her——School of Film and TV Arts celebrate Women's Day

08 Mar 2023

International Women's Day is a globally recognized holiday established to honour women's significant contributions and achievements in various fields, such as economics, politics, and society.

This year, the School of Film and TV Arts celebrates this special day by presenting flowers to their female staff members as a symbol of respect, care, and appreciation for their vital work.

SoFTA aims to convey a positive and affectionate attitude towards life through this warm action and encourages society to work towards gender equality by supporting women's rights. By promoting awareness and advocacy for gender equality, it is hoped that more people will join in the effort to create a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

Today we have invited three female teachers to share their feelings and recommend a female-themed movie.


Kaisi Wang


She said:

"Don’t waste your time. Go and achieve your life goals. Please love yourself, be honest with yourself and believe in yourself."


She recommended this movie:

The last lecture by Chizuko Ueno (Produced by NHK)


"Public intellectual, social scientist, and women’s rights activist, Chizuko Ueno is Japan’s most prominent feminist. I was inspired by her research towards gender equality and feminist awareness. This documentary is not only a lecture for women to understand self-identification but also for men to respect the effort and value of women. We have the ability to change society, and we have the responsibility to develop a fairer environment for our next generation. "



Wai Kit Leong

She said:

"Life is wonderful. Enjoy every moment, and cherishes all the sweet and sour memoirs that shape you to be an angel in your life. Trying your very best every day to serve a better 'me' in tomorrow."


She recommended this movie:

《20 30 40》(Sylvia Chang)

"The movie displayed the different approach of the lady at the age of 20 (which is young and curious), at the age of 30 (facing dilemmas such as marriage, kids, etc.) and at the age of 40 (golden age that is trying to convince herself she deserves better and enjoyment lifestyle), showing different facets of the transformation of a girl to an elegant lady with the up and down in life."


Karolina Pawlik

She said:

"Be friends with different people and learn from them. Make friends with women of different generations – including women who are much older than you. They will help you to put things into perspective. So many of them have been through the same uncertainty, doubts or dilemmas that you are currently going through. They faced the same or similar forms of discrimination. They were also challenged professionally and emotionally, and they made it through in one way or another. Now they can listen, support, share experience and liberate giggles. I probably would not have made it to where I am today without my wise, kind and generous female friends over 60 and 70 years old. They have been exceptionally supportive and patient. Sometimes my younger friends share their fears or dilemmas about love, singleness or understanding their life paths, and they say, 'Sorry to bother you with this nonsense.' But, of course, that’s never nonsense. We all go through it, and if we don’t struggle alone, it can help us grow. I like to think that it is not an accident that the English word 'women' looks like pinyin for 我们."


She recommended this movie:

Wild (dir. Jean-Marc Vallée, 2014)


"I loved everything about this film: the scene with the gigantic backpack which crushes Sheryl to the ground but cannot stop her, the way Adrienne Rich’s famous passage about denial that 'her wounds came from the same source as her power' remains an organic part of this story, and the bitter reminder that hostile men can be more threatening than the unforgiving Pacific Crest Trail. Sometimes we achieve great things because we trusted the path and had not bothered to check whether this was possible. Long-term goals and meticulous planning do not necessarily work in our favour."


Translated by Jiaying Liu

Edited by Wenzhen Li

Picture Source: Wenzhen Li, network

08 Mar 2023