Discover SCT's advanced recording facilities: new classrooms gradually opening with ongoing training

11 Apr 2023

On 22 March 2023, the School of Cultural Technology held a training session on the operation of its immersive recording studio equipment, various software, and safety precautions. The training was attended by more than 10 people, including several professors and the school's lab technician.

It was reported that the aim of the training was to enhance the professors' understanding of the available recording equipment, sound editing systems, and more. The immersive sound studio is the latest feature classroom opened by the school, equipped with advanced equipment and facilities of top brands in the market. The training was divided into a simple basic introduction and hands-on exercises. After the initial explanation and demonstration by the equipment supplier, the professors were invited to do hands-on exercises to ensure the practicality of the training. The school plans to continue the training, gradually expanding the scope of the audience.

The training initially focused on audio acquisition, recording equipment, sound system, installation process, daily management, usage, and other aspects of introduction and requirements, with a particular emphasis on key attention points. The equipment vendor, Ms Zheng, was invited to focus on the production signal process, including the Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment production system. The training also covered the Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment production environment build, Dolby Atmos Render settings introduction, and monitor settings. In the future, the training will introduce and explain Eucon software, MTRX Studio equipment and software control interface, Dante Controller, and other systems.

Overall, the training session was successful, with attendees gaining a further understanding of the available recording equipment and sound editing systems. The School of Cultural Technology is committed to providing students and staff with advanced facilities to support their learning and research needs.

By Ruinan Shi

Edited by Wenzhen Li

Photos courtesy of Ruinan Shi

11 Apr 2023