【INVITATION】The First Graduate Show of School of Cultural Technology_ MORE THAN A POINT

03 May 2023

The exhibition, titled More Than a Point, is presented by the School of Cultural Technology. The exhibition will showcase the final year projects of the first class of Art, Technology and Entertainment with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism graduates. Following their studies and industry practice, they built their unique concepts and layered spaces in works, combining digital media such as projection, VR and screen, making virtual and real existence in parallel.

 In 1926, Kandinsky published Point And Line To Plane. In the publication, he wrote that the most basic element of the painting is the point, and then from the point to the line, and from the line to the plane. In fact, all visual art can be broken down into an infinite number of points, and all the greatest works of art originate from a single point. Here, a point is not only physical and technical, it can also be understood as a momentary inspiration or idea. These artists leave their own points in the old blank selection space, their creations and experiences make these points constitute a special collection and fill the exhibition space in a three-dimensional way.

Enter a new space with different colourful points collected. Feel the vibration of the work and the link of time and space here full of indefinable information flow.

Welcome to join the show! 【INVITATION】The First Graduate Show of School of Cultural Technology_ MORE THAN A POINT

Moreover, we have also have the online exhiniton, please use the following link or QR code to join us! https://www.spatial.io/s/FYP-Virtual-Environment-645210ca275c5eb3df9d94c2?share=1589419715735227138

03 May 2023