Student Experience Sharing Session Successfully held

May 29, 2023

On 19 May, XJTLU School of Mathematics and Physics, with the supports from math club and actuarial science club, held the "Student Experience Sharing Session" to help freshmen and sophomores to clarify their study goals and plan their professional development direction.

Four senior students from BSc Applied Mathematics, BSc Financial Mathematics and BSc Actuarial Science, who have successfully obtained offers from top universities, were invited to share their experiences in applying for graduate schools, examinations, internships and research activities. Dr Gang Liu, Dr Rui Zhang, Dr Simon Lloyd, Dr Mu He and more than 50 students joined this event.

In the opening speech, Dr Gang Liu, Deputy Dean at the School of Mathematical and Physics, mentioned that the School of Mathematical and Physics integrated five departments related to mathematics and physics: Applied Mathematics, Foundational Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics and Physics in 2021. The school and its processors department of mathematical science and mathematics and physics centre had always adopted the student-centred teaching mode, valued the experience of all the students and cultivated many talents in the last 17 years. In 2022, 296 graduates from the School were enrolled in the Top 10 universities worldwide, accounting for 44.38% of the School's total of 667 graduates.

The first speaker was Zhiqi Yu, who is about to join Columbia University in the programme of MSc Applied Mathematics. She explained her experience in three areas: GPA and language exams, graduate school application, and internships and research. She suggested students find his or her interest and plan for the future career as early as possible, preferably in the first year.

"I hope that you will take a positive attitude towards your studies and applications. Additionally, discovering your own hobbies and career aspirations is essential for the future, as is having a solid foundation in mathematics."

Yixuan Liu, from the programme of Financial Mathematics had won the offers from Oxford University, Cambridge University, Yale University and New York University this year, began her presentation by showing her overall planning for her three years at the university and her monthly plan for the senior year. She then explained the key issues that students might encounter in the process, from the preparation of applying for graduate school to major choice and university life after receiving an offer.

Meantime, Yayi Zhao, who received offers from Imperial College of Science and Technology and Duke University, and Yihan Zuo, who is going to study Mathematical Sciences at Oxford University, shared their experiences from their undergraduate courses and research experiences respectively.

The top students from the school discussed their various areas of interest during this session, including undergraduate course study, the basics of applying for studies, and subsequent career options. They also fielded questions from attendees and provided experienced responses.

"This event aims to bridge the information gap among students. Students can find their role models and plan for their university life and future career via interaction with successful seniors. The school had the plan to invite more students and alumnis to share their experience and professional experience with the current students in the future. " Dr Gang Liu concluded.


By Qinru Liu

Photo courtesy of Jiaying Liu

May 29, 2023