School of Cultural Technology_Summer PDP Highlights【2】

August 02, 2023

Cicadas are chirping incessantly, and this summer is getting more and more sultry along with the passage of time. Gradually, the Summer PDP program of the School of Cultural Technology has come to the end. Let's follow the steps of our ATEr and see what they are doing in the last two weeks of their PDP journey !

WEEK FOUR  06/26-06/30 BFM Art Center (Suzhou)

The first year students visited the BFM Art Center in Suzhou this week. Located in the heart of Suzhou Bay CBD, BFM is the first contemporary art space and professional gallery in Suzhou.


During the same time period, our external examiner Prof. Stephen Connolly visited Taicang as a guest. Accompanied by our academic staff, Mr. Zhonghao Chen and Prof. Luciano Zubillaga, he visited Mordern Art Museum Shanghai. Afterwards, Prof. Connolly gave a wonderful lecture to our sophomore students.

While the film screening, the filmmaker also gave our students an in-depth tour of exploring the form of cinema from his own area of specialization. Prof. Stephen Connolly is an artist and filmmaker who employs the investigative and reconstructive aspects of documentary, exploring how its formal conditions can reflect on both individual and social agency.

And prior to Prof. Stephen Connolly's visit, our sophomore students had been focusing on their own project on the Botanical Gardens.

(Photos credit to: Luciano Zubillaga, Zhonghao Chen, Zihan Ning;Text: Ruinan Shi, Zihan Wang;Edited: Ruinan Shi)

August 02, 2023