School of Cultural Technology Student Exhibition_ In the Studio: A Reflection on ATE's Evolution

27 Sep 2023

Discover the inner workings of artistic growth in "In the Studio: A Reflection on ATE's Evolution," a unique exhibition spanning the pivotal first, second, and third years of ATE. This showcase unveils the fascinating progression of emerging talents as they navigate the intricate dynamics of culture and technology.

At its core, "In the Studio" emphasizes the often-overlooked discarded works and works in progress. These reveal the artists' bold experiments, evolving techniques, and their intimate struggles with materials and imagination.

Here, various styles and techniques converge, reflecting the artists' journeys through trial and exploration. From abstract expressions to meticulous precision, witness a diverse spectrum of creative endeavors.

"In the Studio" invites you to delve into the heart of these artists experiences and their ever-evolving relationship with materials, experiments, and the limitless bounds of imagination. Join us as we offer an unfiltered glimpse into the world of emerging talents, unburdened by pretense, and celebrating the raw, authentic journey of creative discovery.

The curators of this exhibition are Prof. Garrett Lynch IRL, Mr. Chen Zhonghao and student team. The exhibition features works by the following students:
Xi Chen
Yiang Fan
Jingze Zhu
Zijian Song
Yutian Jiang
Yuchen Zhang
Shuang Liang
Junyan Liu
Yijin Shen
Hongyan Zhao
Yutong He
Zihan Ning

The exhibition will be on display until October 11th.Welcome to join us in the foyer of Building G!

(Picture: Alvaro Collar;  Text: Zhonghao Chen, Garrett Lynch IRL, Yilin Yuan ; Editing: Ruinan Shi)

27 Sep 2023