On 29th August, Professor Alvaro Collar, Dean of the School of Cultural Technology, and Professor Garrett Lynch IRL, ERDI Director of the School of Cultural Technology visited Taicang Art Museum upon invitation.

Ms. Jin Huihui, Chief Curator of Taicang Art Museum, made an introduction of the museum to Dr. Alvaro Collar and Professor Garrett Lynch, and accompanied them to the tour of current exhibitions in the museum. During the visit, Ms. Jin focused on the philosophy of curating and exhibition features of Taicang Art Museum, as well as famous local artists from Taicang and their works. 

Subsequently to the visit, the two parts had a brief meeting. Dr. Alvaro Collar introduced to Ms. Jin the School of Cultural Technology, regarding its features, programme, modules and future development directions. The two sides conducted in-depth and fruitful discussions on the future cooperation between the School and the Museum in the cultural field.

( Text | Juehong Gu,Editing | Ruinan Shi, Photos | Taicang Art Museum )

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