XJTLU Joins Asia-Pacific Regional GCED Network, Enhancing Global Citizenship Education

25 Sep 2023

Xi’an Jiaotong - Liverpool University (XJTLU) has been granted membership in the prestigious Asia-Pacific Regional GCED Network, marking a significant milestone in the university’s commitment to promoting Global Citizenship Education (GCED).

The Asia-Pacific Regional GCED Network is a platform that promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange among educational institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. It co-develops opportunities for GCED stakeholders to gather and exchange information and research, share good practices, discuss challenges and identify gaps in GCED promotion, suggest possible solutions and provide expertise.

Professor Moritz Bilagher, the newly appointed GCED Director at XJTLU, expressed enthusiasm about this development, stating, “We are thrilled to join the Asia-Pacific Regional GCED Network as it aligns perfectly with our goal of nurturing global citizens who can thrive in an international context.”

“We in XJTLU, through the Academy of Future Education and specifically Learning Institute of Future Excellence, have the intention to strengthen our offering in Global Citizenship Education (GCED), to serve our students on the road to becoming global citizens, who can operate effectively and ethically in an international context. Moreover, we would like to become an intellectual leader in China, (East) Asia and even globally in this area,” says Professor Bilagher.

Professor Moritz Bilagher, the newly appointed GCED Director at XJTLU

The Asia-Pacific Regional GCED Network provides various opportunities for XJTLU’s students and faculty. By participating in webinars, conferences, internships, and exchanges, students will actively engage in experiences that shape them as global citizens. This membership will empower students to actively engage in enriching experiences that foster their global mindset and skillset.

Moreover, the university’s affiliation with the network will facilitate knowledge exchange with similar institutions across Asia, enabling XJTLU to learn from successful GCED initiatives implemented elsewhere. Recently, XJTLU students could participate in an online seminar by the University of Waikato, New Zealand, featuring renowned global experts.

Professor Bilagher also acknowledged the impact of such opportunities, remarking, “Through the network, we can tap into valuable expertise and experiences that will contribute to educational innovation and skills development at our university.”

As a member of the Asia-Pacific Regional GCED Network, XJTLU aims to strengthen its GCED offerings and organize activities that promote global citizenship among its student body. Professor Bilagher revealed, “We hope to host an event in the near future, potentially in the first half of 2024, where we will further showcase our dedication to GCED and engage our students in meaningful discussions and initiatives.”

By joining the Asia-Pacific Regional GCED Network, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University is poised to make significant strides in educational innovation, skills development, and fostering global citizenship among its students. With a firm commitment to becoming an intellectual leader in GCED, XJTLU is primed to make a lasting impact on its students and the broader international community.

By Xiaoyan Jin

25 Sep 2023