【Event Review】Guest Lecturer Series_ October Issue

02 Nov 2023

【Guest Lectuer #1】"文化惠侨·侨界娄东大讲堂"

October 23rd,  the guest lecture entitled "Cultural benefits for overseas Chinese communities" was successfully held in the School of Cultural Technology, XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang). Overseas Chinese association members have visited our school, and academics and students of the School of Cultural Technology actively participated. The keynote speaker of the event was Dr. Lu Hong, an American writer and president of the American Chinese Literature and Arts Association. With the theme of "Innovation, Mutual Learning and the Evolution of Visual Arts: An Overview of International Film Festivals from a Cross-cultural Perspective", Dr. Lu opened the lecture in a way to unlock the mysteries of film art.

From the unique perspective of the San Francisco International Film Festival in the United States, Dr. Lu combined Hollywood DreamWorks films and a large number of Chinese film works, an in-depth analysis of the artistic characteristics and humanistic background behind the film works, to help listeners better understand the complex connection between film and culture. In the integration of Eastern and Western culture, from feminism, science and Chinese literature and other dimensions, this paper discusses the "two-way journey" of literary classics of film art and shows the achievements of Chinese film star directors in film art, which opens a dream journey of visual art for us.

Dr. Lu Hong's rich professional knowledge and powerful speech deeply touched the audience. After the speech, Dr. Lu Hong also passionately interacted with the audience, colliding with the current generation's ideas on artistic expression of film, and the coexistence of tradition and fashion.

Professor Xiao Lu from the School of Cultural Technology(Left)and Professor Hong Lv (Right)

The lecture series "Cultural Benefits for Overseas Chinese Communities" is a very valuable academic opportunity, which is of great significance to the students of the School of Cultural Technology. This activity led the students to explore the mystery of film art, cultural identity and literary creation and helped them to deepen their cultural vision and understand the importance of cultural exchange and literary creation in the development of world film art.


【Guest Lectuer#2】The Museum Mania in Shanghai and the Dilemma of Publicness

October 25th, the guest speaker series organized by the School of Cultural Technology of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) - Introduction: Museum Mania was successfully concluded. With the theme of art and technology practices in a global context, this event aimed to introduce students to different possibilities and perspectives in related fields. We were honoured to have invited Mr. Shi Hantao, a famous curator, to share with us the museum fever and publicity dilemma in Shanghai, and it also provided an opportunity for students to learn and explore the hot topics in society.

Mr. Hantao Shi(Left) and Professor Zhonghao Chen from the School of Cultural Technology(Right)

As a cultural mechanism, an art museum represents the characteristics of a specific historical stage. The speaker, Mr. Shi Hantao, took "the unprecedented wave of art museum construction in Shanghai in the past decade" as a typical case, and analyzed the construction process, projects and different contextual roles of Chi K11 Art Museum, the Bund Art Museum and the Art museum group under construction in the West Bund, and revealed the dynamic variables behind the art museum boom and the complex relationship between these variables. Analyzing the typical economic, social and political characteristics of Shanghai through the case of the construction frenzy of the Shanghai Art Museum, also provides a new perspective for understanding the current art museum craze in Shanghai.

The importance of the Art Museum to the School of Cultural Technology is beyond doubt. First of all, art galleries, as an important cultural place, display all kinds of artworks for people. These works of art are not only the creation of individual artists, but also an important testimony of national culture and history. Secondly, the art museum provides important learning resources for the teachers and students of the School of Cultural Technology. By visiting the art museum, students can appreciate various artworks of different periods and styles, broaden their artistic horizons, and enhance their aesthetic and creative abilities. Finally, the museum also plays the role of a social and communication platform. Schools can promote exchanges and cooperation among students by organizing students to visit art galleries and holding art exhibitions and lectures.

The construction frenzy of the Shanghai Art Museum and its public dilemma have brought different inspirations and deep thinking to the students of the School of Cultural Technology. Today, contemporary art in China is experiencing unprecedented opportunities for development, but we still need to be vigilant and thoughtful to keep the purity and innovation of art intact. At the same time, we should continue to pay attention to and support more regional art galleries and art institutions, and work with all sectors of society to promote the prosperity and development of Chinese contemporary art.

(Text:  Yi Xia,  Zhonghao Chen, Editing: Ruinan Shi)

02 Nov 2023