International Friendship Day, the School of Science at XJTLU

November 03, 2023

In a heart-warming display of cultural exchange, the School of Science at XJTLU recently hosted a special International Friendship Day event (lunch), uniting students from Indonesia, India, and Russia. The event, celebrated the spirit of camaraderie and importance of international collaboration, and left a positive impression on all the attendees.

There were eight students, who participated from the beautiful countries of Indonesia, India and Russia, who are currently studying in the Departments of Biological Sciences and Health and Environmental Sciences in the School of Science at XJTLU. Dean John Moraros, Professor Uromi Goodale and Dr. Lifeng Ding led the faculty group supporting the international students in the School of Science. The event provided a platform for students to get to know each other better, exchange stories about their homelands and share their diverse perspectives. The students learned about one another's customs, traditions, and values, emphasizing the importance of global unity and collaboration.

Professor John Moraros, the School's Dean, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, "This Friendship Day event exemplifies the essence of international collaboration. It's crucial for our students to experience the world beyond textbooks and lectures. The international students’ choice to pursue their studies at XJTLU, China are helping them forge connections and friendships that transcend borders. These interactions are a reminder that diversity is our strength and that by learning from each other, we can foster a more interconnected, respectful and peaceful global community."

Professor Uromi Manage Goodale said: “International students enrich XJTLU and communities within our university bringing in unique perspectives and experiences that expand the horizons of all our students and makes our institution and our graduating students more competitive in the global economy. Hence, our international students play a vital role in the university community, and we were very pleased to host them at this luncheon event.”

Dr. Lifeng Ding thought that: “International education is a beacon guiding us towards a world where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated; it's the cornerstone for shaping a global community founded on mutual respect and understanding. The amalgamation of cultures and ideas within our educational spheres plants the seeds for a unified and harmonious future.”

Vera Pushkina from Russia, a student from the Biological Sciences Program felt that: “For great discoveries and insights in science, it is important to share knowledge from all kinds of areas. Thus, meetings for international students from the School of Science is extremely beneficial; not only to be able to find friendships from a similar area of study, but also possibly share topics, opinions, and ambitions in the world of science. It is a fascinating opportunity to hear different reasons to study at XJTLU School of Science students, even though, everyone has completely unique experiences and, all these exceptionally intelligent students shared optimism in studying at XJTLU and determination in contributing to our world.”

Michelle Patricia Teo, from Indonesia, who is in the Biological Sciences Program said that: “At this School of Science luncheon event, I met new people who were studying a variety of majors, and I found that to be a very warm and enjoyable experience. Through hearing their stories, I was able to expand my perspective. Being an international student at XJTLU is quite challenging at first because of some culture shock that I had, but with the help of my friends and XJTLU’s teachers, it become doable and even fun.”

An Environmental Sciences Program student, Elina Hitesh Mahtani, from India expressed: “Attending the lunch that organized by the School of Sciences was a great way to meet peers doing similar majors to mine. I found it fun to be able to communicate about what I learned in class to others and found it interesting to hear what the other science major students learn. This is a great way for science students in XJTLU to get to know each other and, I hope in the future I will be able to meet more students in this field.”

The Friendship Day event at the School of Science was a resounding success. It wasn't just a lunch; it was a cultural exchange, a celebration of unity in diversity, and a reaffirmation of the importance of international collaboration. The friendships formed by students while studying at our School of Science and XJTLU help transcend borders, enriching the lives of these students for years to come, and serving as a beacon of hope for a more interconnected and peaceful world.

By Professor Uromi Goodale


November 03, 2023