【Event Review】SCT Mid-Autumn Festival_ A night with Werewolf

01 Nov 2023

On September 22, the School of Culture and Technology, with the theme of "The Night of Wolf Man Killing in the Mid Autumn Festival", celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival through board games in G2005 and G2006 classrooms, welcomed the new moon, and promoted exchanges and interactions among students. It was expected that by organizing traditional and modern board games such as riddle guessing, couplet battle, etc., students could better understand and understand the connotation of the Mid-Autumn Festival and enhance their literacy.

In the werewolf killing room, the students sat in a large circle, and board games were played in an excited and tense atmosphere. This helped new students adapt to campus life and also enhanced friendship and team cohesion among classmates. Not only did the players in the game immerse themselves, but the audience in the audience was also very fascinated.


At the same time, students playing other board games were also engaging in intellectual competition.

In the Monopoly area, the game was also played happily.

The event provided a variety of tea breaks and pizzas for participants to enjoy.

In the Mid Autumn Festival theme room, many students participated in activities such as Flying Flowers, DIY Rabbit Lantern, DIY Ice Skin Moon Cake, and watching the Mid Autumn Festival theme movie, and they felt, carried forward, and spread the Mid-Autumn Festival connotation.

At the DIY Rabbit Lantern event, everyone recalled the customs of the Mid Autumn Festival. The rabbit lantern on the Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional handicraft, usually made of paper, bamboo, plastic and other materials. It imitates the shape of a rabbit and has a symbolic meaning of auspiciousness, happiness and well-being. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, people will put rabbit lanterns in their homes or outside their houses as holiday decorations to add joy and a festive atmosphere.


In addition, students were learning DIY mooncakes under the guidance of volunteers. Ice skin moon cake is a traditional Chinese food for the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is usually made of glutinous rice flour, sticky Rice noodles and other raw materials. The production process includes mixing glutinous rice flour and other raw materials into the dough, then wrapping various fillings and pressing them into the shape of moon cakes. By making mooncakes yourself, you can better adjust the flavour of the filling and create mooncakes that are more suitable for you.

The finished mooncakes were not only beautiful but also had a unique taste.

In the game area of Feihualing, students searched for classical poetry in their minds and travelled back to the past illuminated by the bright moon. The students who guessed correctly received a small prize.

During the Mid Autumn Festival film-watching event, participants watched the movie "Flying to the Moon" produced by Netflix together. This movie mainly tells the story of a little girl named Feifei who personally goes to the moon to meet Chang'e and experiences an unexpected adventure on the moon.

In the riddle guessing session, participants with friends discussed together, stopped and thought before the riddle, and made inferences. The correct recipient won the corresponding small gift.

The fun of the event also attracted several SIP students to come and participate in our event, sharing fun with Taicang's friends. Thank you who participate in this activity,

Please look forward to more interesting activities from the School of Cultural Technology in the future!

(Text, Editing|Weiwei Zhang,  Publish|Zihan Wang, Publish|Ruinan Shi)

01 Nov 2023