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January 05, 2024

The Closing Ceremony of AZ Digital Capability Uplift Programme (Second Cohort) at IBSS

On the 15th of December 2023, the closing Ceremony of AZ Digital Capability Uplift Programme (Second Cohort) was held at IBSS. The ceremony was joined by esteemed guest speakers including the Vice President of AstraZeneca Wuxi Site Ms. Ewa Maqdosi, Professor Ewout van der Schaft, Professor of Practice and Associate Dean at IBSS , AstraZeneca Programme Academic Director, Mr. Zhiqin NI as well as Assistant Professor, Dr. Jie Chu.

This 6-month long program, beginning on the 7th of July earlier this year, was held in IBSS covering a multitude of modules such as Data-Driven and Operational Research Theory Based Decision-Making, Monte Carlo Simulation with MS Excel, System Dynamics and Queuing Theory, and many more.

The ceremony commenced with the Programme Academic Director, Mr. Zhiqin NI extending a warm welcome to all attendees and congratulating them upon the completion of this program. Followed by Professor Ewout van der Schaft, he underlined the vital significance of extending networks beyond governmental confines to embrace diverse industries. As he expressed, "We aim to be the node linking academia and practitioners, fostering collaborative growth."

Mr. Zhiqin NI

Established in China in 1993, AstraZeneca has evolved into a key player in pharmaceutical innovation. With significant investments, including approximately three-quarters of a billion dollars in China, the company has introduced around 30 innovative drugs to the market. Representing one of AstraZeneca's major manufacturing hubs in Asia, over 95% of the company's products sold in China are crafted at the Wuxi Site, reinforcing its critical role in AstraZeneca's regional operations. Reflecting on the institution's journey, Professor van der Schaft metaphorically linked key milestones to the symbolism of 'three,' signifying the founding of IBSS in 2013 as well as the establishment of Astrazeneca in China in 1993. The institution's collaboration with industry stalwarts like AstraZeneca was highlighted, recognizing their global influence and educational partnership.

Professor Ewout van der Schaft

The ceremony shone a spotlight on the pivotal role of executive education as a bridge linking academia and the business world. The emphasis was on cultivating a lively exchange between students and industry experts. The goal? "To arm future leaders with the skills and insights needed to drive innovation and enhance efficiency within global supply chains," remarked Ms. Ewa Maqdosi, Vice President of AstraZeneca Wuxi Site.

The call to action was explicit – attendees were urged to translate data into informed decisions, master supply chain dynamics, and leverage digital innovation for sustained business growth. “We are just as strong as the weakest link in our supply chain”, commented Ms Maqdosi, highlighting that the overall strength of a supply chain is contingent on the effectiveness of its weakest component, expressing the need to address vulnerabilities for optimal performance.

The core essence of learning transcended the confines of the classroom. The emphasis was on acquiring knowledge, applying it to gain practical experience directly in the industry, and sharing insights among peers. "The 'three E's – Education, Experience, and Exposure – are the cornerstones of this transformative learning journey," noted Ms. Ewa Maqdosi. This message resonated strongly, motivating graduates not only to excel in personal growth but also to uplift others within their professional circles.

Ms. Ewa Maqdosi

As the ceremony drew to a close, it became evident that the path of learning and adaptation is a constant life-long process. Discussions underscored that digitalization isn't an abrupt process but a gradual evolution requiring steadfast dedication and perseverance. Programme graduates were then bestowed their graduation certificates and awards by all 3 key guest speakers. Memorable group photos were taken as well to commemorate this esteemed accomplishment. All in all, attendees departed with a shared sense of achievement, equipped with invaluable insights and a renewed commitment to applying newfound knowledge within their spheres of influence.

January 05, 2024