From XJTLU to Huawei: How education shapes career success

January 09, 2024

Leon Irfan, from Indonesia, graduated with a BA in International Business with a Language at XJTLU in 2019. Now, he works as an Account Manager at PT Huawei Tech Investment in Indonesia, one of China’s biggest technology companies. Irfan shares his learning experience at XJTLU and how it has benefitted him in the workplace.

Leon Irfan

Q: Why did you choose to study at XJTLU?

A: Firstly, I was attracted to the BA International Business with a Language programme, which teaches Chinese for four years while being an English-taught course. Also, XJTLU has a vast amount of student clubs and the facilities are better compared to the other universities.

Q: In what ways has your education at XJTLU benefited your work outside of the classroom?
A: Since the University has various clubs and activities, participating in them dramatically improved my capacity to perform well in a multicultural work environment. It also gave me the opportunity to make many friends and network with people from diverse backgrounds.

Leon Irfan (second from the left) played violin for the "Project 007" Band at XJTLU in 2018

Q: How would you describe the advantages of studying at an international university in China as compared to studying outside China?
A: A big advantage is learning Chinese, as there has been a substantial growth in the number of Chinese companies worldwide, especially in Indonesia. Nowadays, the Chinese language is becoming more widely used in the workplace, and companies are hiring Chinese speakers. Also, studying in China made me familiar with the Chinese working culture, making it easier to adapt to my current workplace.

Q: Do you feel your study in XJTLU has been beneficial in shaping your career path?
A: The University really helped me to elevate my communication and interpersonal skills. This helped me to create and maintain relationships with my customers. Also, studying in China boosted my Chinese speaking ability, making communication and getting hired easier.

XJTLU’s dual degree turned out to be very helpful when I was pursuing my PGcert at the University of London. Moreover, I believe that having a UK degree in my Bachelor’s give me an advantage to get the scholarship.

Aside from what I learned theoretically in class, I also gained some experiences from internships and extracurricular activities. The skills I learned are not just hard skills from a specific course but also soft skills from a lot of group activities and presentations. These experiences help us in the current workspace.

Leon Irfan  (right) at Huawei Indonesia in 2023

Q: Do you have any advice for prospective students?
A: To maximise your experiences in the university, time management is the key to studying successfully, while prioritising your chosen activities is the second. Sometimes, less is good, and sometimes, more is good. It depends on your situation.

It’s also important to know our capabilities. Some people are able to multi-task efficiently while some cannot. So, know your strengths, and where and how to invest your time. I encourage students to invest time in gaining as much knowledge and experience as possible. If you are particularly interested in working in the technology industry, you also need to keep up your studies because it is a fast-paced industry.


By Brandon Budiman and Clarine Beryl
Edited by Precious Chibeze and Xinmin Han
Edditorial support by Nicole Stephanie and Yashinta Hartono
Photos by Leon Irfan

January 09, 2024


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