School of Science Ph.D. Students Clinch Top Honors at the Inaugural Wisdom Lake Research Conference

January 04, 2024

“The Wisdom Lake Postgraduate Researcher Development Conference” at XJTLU serves as a platform for emerging postgraduate scholars to showcase their work, engage in interdisciplinary discussions, and build valuable connections within the academic community. In a remarkable display of academic prowess, Ph.D. students from the School of Science secured prestigious accolades for their outstanding research contributions. The event is sponsored by XJTLU and is designed to foster the exchange of cutting-edge research and enhance the professional development of postgraduate student researchers from across China.

The School of Science participants rose to the top with four PhD candidates winning awards for the Best poster and another three for Best oral presentation. There were also six PhD candidates winning awards for the Excellent poster and another five for Excellent oral presentation.

Professor John Moraros, Dean, School of Science stated: “The success of our seven Ph.D. students underscores the School of Science’s commitment to nurturing intellectual excellence and fostering a dynamic and highly productive research environment. It also highlights the dedication of both students and their faculty supervisors to advancing knowledge in their respective science fields.”

The Best Poster awards were claimed by Hao Liu (Environmental Sciences), Weihao Da (Chemistry), Xiaotian Zhao (Biological Sciences) and Lukas Florian Meldau (Environmental Sciences) and the Excellent Poster awards were claimed by Chunyi Yu(Chemistry),Yinzhe Chen(Chemistry),Jiawei Ren(Chemistry), Baifeng Zhu(Environmental Sciences),Haokai Ye(Biological Sciences) and Jiongming Ma(Biological Sciences).

These SCI PhD students gave scientifically sound and compelling poster presentations stood out among a diverse array of research projects. Their innovative approach and relevance of their research work created a strong impression on the conference attendees and judges alike.

Professor Li Yang, Associate Dean for Research and Impact said: “The Best Poster awards help showcase the talent, commitment, and high quality of our PhD candidates. We applaud their remarkable accomplishments and the positive impact they have made along with their faculty supervisors, and we look forward to witnessing their continued success.”

(photo from left to the right:Lukas Florian Meldau,Xiaotian Zhao and Weihao Da)

Hao.Liu-Department of Health & Environmental Sciences

“A few millimeters do matter. A underwater perturbation, even at millimeter scale, significantly changes the methane emissions from the water surface.”

Wetlands and rice paddies contribute tremendously to greenhouse gas emissions, and they also work as substantial reservoirs of organic carbon. Investigating the dynamics of organic matter in these environments is essential for advancing our understanding of the carbon cycle. In this work, we developed a mesoscale model in the lab to examine how methane emission from these systems might be altered by organic inputs and physical disturbances. To capture the subtle variations in gas emission and underwater processes, a gantry robot system was built to automate the experiments with high repeatability. It is discovered that a ten-millimeter perturbation to the leaf litter at soil-water interfaces significantly amplifies methane emission.

Weihao.Da-Department of Chemistry

The importance of innovation in renewable energy sources has become increasingly apparent in recent years, as concerns about energy security, climate change, and the negative impacts of non-renewable sources continue to grow. Then I realized that my research is able to offer a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels, and can help to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, increase energy security, and address the climate crisis. In addition, utilizing organic compounds but inorganic silicon based materials for photovoltaics can bring less toxicity, light weight, low cost, more flexible for device fabrication, and stable under higher working temperature.

Receiving this award at the First Wisdom Lake Postgraduate Researcher Development Conference and 2023 XJTLU Postgraduate Research Symposium is a great honor and pleasure to me. I’d like to express my gratitude to my supervisor Dr. Yi Lin, my parents and friends, and all the help from Department of Chemistry/Science!

Xiaotian.Zhao-Department of Biological Sciences

It's my great honor to be awarded one of the best posters. My sincere thanks to all that have participated in this project, especially my PI, Doctor Sekar Raju, for his tremendous support and professional instructions.

Lukas Florian Melda-Department of Health & Environmental Science

I think it was an amazing opportunity to walk around, meet different students, and see the amazing work of all the students in different stages of their respective studies.

Equally noteworthy was the recognition bestowed upon Lukas Florian Meldau (Environmental Sciences), Danwen Qiu (Chemistry) and Yuxin Zhang (Biological Sciences), who clinched the Best Oral Presentation awards and Yi Song(Biological Sciences), Huxuan Dai(Environmental Sciences), Yuhua Duan(Environmental Sciences), Jinyan Wang (Chemistry) and Liangdan Zhao(Chemistry) who won the Excellent Oral Presentation awards. They delivered compelling and articulate scientific presentations, effectively communicating the significance and impact of their research work to the audience.

Dr Rong Rong, Director of the PGRS mentioned: “The success of our School of Science PhD students in the Best Oral Presentation awards not only highlights their achievements but also reflects the School's commitment to fostering academic excellence. We encourage all of our Postgraduate students to actively participate in upcoming university and school events, to learn, share, and help lead the next wave of scientific breakthroughs. I would also like to also thank all the academic judges, research supervisors and administration staff for their invaluable contributions and support! Without their help, we will not be able to achieve and sustain such significant success."

Overall, the School of Science’s outstanding performance at this inaugural event positions it as a powerhouse of research and innovation, further solidifying its growing reputation as a hub for future leaders in the scientific community.

January 04, 2024