【Event Review】Hi, Future ATErs! Let's Talk!

01 Apr 2024

On March 22nd morning, the School of Cultural Technology brought a unique meeting and sharing session! Senior students and freshmen who will choose their majors gathered together to share their learning experience, life feelings and career planning, and life on the XEC Campus. The activity not only brought the distance between the senior students and the freshmen closer but also let them have a better understanding of life in Taicang.

After a brief introduction to the School of Cultural Technology by Mr. Kim Lau, the seniors shared with the freshmen in a relaxed and pleasant way. They introduced the characteristics and future development trends of each major to the new students by combining their own professional views and employment experience. Meanwhile, they also gave warm advice to the new students from the aspects of psychology and interpersonal relationships to escort their growth in the university. Through their personal experience, they vividly demonstrated the charm and development prospect of the majors in the School of Cultural Technology and guided the freshmen to make a wiser choice of majors.

✔ Information sharing: real, vivid senior student's experience sharing, for freshmen to solve the confusion and point the way.

✔ Curriculum introduction: detailed introduction to the curriculum and specialization of the School of Cultural Technology, to help new students choose the direction of their majors.

✔ Life Sharing: The life experience in Taicang Campus makes the freshmen full of expectations for the future campus life.

✔ Exquisite catering: The cozy tea break session adds the interactive and communication atmosphere of the activity.

This information-sharing session not only provided the freshmen with the opportunity to communicate with their seniors face-to-face, but the experience sharing and encouragement of the seniors motivated the freshmen to take their first step bravely and strengthened their determination to choose their majors and plan for the future. The School of Cultural Technology will keep working on organizing similar activities to contribute to the growth and development of every student!

Thank you all for our academic staff and senior students who participated in this activity, and wish the freshmen to thrive in their future college life! Programme selection is coming soon, welcome to the School of Cultural Technology!

Hi, Future ATErs, see you on XEC Campus!

01 Apr 2024