【Event Review】SCT Field Trip_The 14th Shanghai Biennale "Cosmic Cinema"

April 08, 2024

On March 10th, led by Dr. Luciano Zubillaga and Mr. Kim Lau, the students of the School of Cultural Technology had a special field trip to the 14th Shanghai Biennale. This was not only a disciplinary activity, but also an opportunity to broaden their horizons and appreciate the complexity of art.

The 14th Shanghai Biennale "Cosmos Cinema" was held at the Power Station of Art. The exhibition centered on artists' thoughts on the relationship between man and nature, and deeply explored the inspiration and constraints of the universe on human life, presenting the creations of more than 80 artists from China and the rest of the world.

Stepping into the exhibition hall of the museum, huge installation artworks came into view, paintings made people fall into contemplation, while sculpture art showed the artist's mind in life-like forms. Students, led by their teachers, admired the works while discussing the meaning behind the art and the inspiration for its creation. In this art-filled space, they felt the power and beauty of art.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Luciano Zubillaga, Senior Associate Professor of the School of Cultural Technology is one of the artists selected for the 14th Shanghai Biennale. The work Dr Zubillaga presented at the Biennale is the video installation Okidanokh / Ocultamientos IV.

This Shanghai Biennale Campus Tour is not only a visiting activity, but also a crossing and exploration of the door of art. With the joint efforts of teachers and students, we believe that the road of art will become wider and wider, and the students will surely create their own wonderful chapters in the hall of art.

April 08, 2024