University launches project to extend AI-enhanced curricula

30 Apr 2024

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University has launched an AI-Enhanced Curriculum Project, one of three key university-level projects this academic year.

The project was initiated by Professor Youmin Xi, Executive President of XJTLU, and developed in collaboration between the three University Chief Officers, with support from the Associate Vice-President for Education and the Educational Development Unit (EDU).

To kick off the project, the University held an AI Module Level Curriculum Enhancement Workshop last month.

Attendees of the AI Module Level Curriculum Enhancement Workshop

Embracing AI in education

At the workshop, Professor Zhoulin Ruan, Vice President of Academic Affairs, said higher education must prepare for the broadening and deepening of AI’s impact.

“No discipline can be immune to the disruption of technologies,” he said. “Universities and academia must respond to the challenge.”

Professor Zhoulin Ruan

Professor Stuart Perrin, Chief Officer for Ecology at XJTLU, explained that the project has two stages. The first is a pilot stage for developing initial AI-enhanced modules this academic year to deliver in the first semester of next academic year. The second is when all the University’s academic curricula are AI-enhanced, targeted to be the 2025-2026 academic year.

To start, each academic unit responsible for delivering degree programmes will identify one module already using AI and one module suitable for enhanced AI integration.

“The goal is to transform and enhance existing modules by infusing them with AI capabilities throughout their structure, delivery, and assessment,” Professor Perrin said, “whilst informing and providing opportunities for academic staff to think about how AI can inform all aspects of teaching practice.”

Professor Stuart Perrin

Rebecca Wakelin, Director of EDU, said they will work closely with academic staff to support the initiative: “Each of our consultants at EDU is assigned to a specific School or Academy. We will work shoulder to shoulder with the module leaders who plan to enhance their modules.”

Rebecca Wakelin, Director of EDU

Current good practice

 At the project launch, examples of AI-enhanced teaching were presented by:

  • Dr Chunchuan Lyu from the School of Advanced Technology, who emphasised the Socratic method, guiding students through dialogue with GPT-4 to enhance their learning experience;
  • Ling (Angela) Xia from the School of Languages, who introduced effective approaches for integrating AI into assessment, curriculum, and teaching practices;
  • Silvia Albano from the Design School, who highlighted current students using AI within design-related contexts;
  • Professor Moritz Bilagher from the Academy of Future Education, who shared how the University will help students become AI literate and well-rounded individuals who can operate effectively and ethically in work, life, and society.

Ling (Angela) Xia

Dr Xin Bi, Chief Officer of Data, Director of XJTLU’s Centre for Knowledge and Information, and Director of the Learning Mall; and Jing Wang, Deputy Director of the Learning Mall showcased current AI-related facilities and initiatives already at XJTLU.

Charlie Reis, EDU

Yiqun (Olivia) Sun, EDU

Charlie Reis and Yiqun (Olivia) Sun, both Educational Developers at EDU, delivered a workshop and explained the support EDU will offer to schools throughout this transformative journey.

Participants discuss AI-enhanced teaching

The audience for the project launch included module leaders whose modules are part of the pilot, including Directors, Associate Deans for Learning and Teaching, and Educational Developers who will be helping each school to work on the initiative.

The modules developed will be showcased at the XJTLU Teaching Innovation Conference on 29-30 May.

By Professor Stuart Perrin, Yifei Ren, and Xinmin Han
Edited by Tamara Kaup and Patricia Pieterse
Photos by Lezhi Li

30 Apr 2024


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