IBSS Hosts International Belt and Road Negotiation Simulation together with WKU Law and Business Center, emlyon and FLIA

31 May 2024

On May 25 and 26, the Law and Business Center at Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU), in collaboration with Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) and emlyon business school, held the FLIA Sino-Foreign Cooperative Universities Belt and Road Negotiation Simulation. The event brought together over 60 students from eight nationalities, four continents, and more than ten majors to explore a major Belt and Road deal from various stakeholders' perspectives. Three IBSS students stood out, Weng Lim Tay,Ekaterina Vorobeva and Daoyuan Li, winning individual championship awards for their exceptional performances.

Sino-foreign universities stand for innovation and excellence in education, catering to both Chinese students and their international peers. The slogans of the participating universities—"We connect" (IBSS at XJTLU), "We are makers" (emlyon), and "Start here, go anywhere" (WKU)—reflect their mission to prepare future thought leaders with global awareness. These leaders are poised to navigate an increasingly complex yet interconnected global system where addressing the needs of multiple stakeholders can make or break a deal.

A total of 29 XJTLU students signed up for this event. After a series of mock group interviews organized by the IBSS WEC Team, eight undergraduate students were selected to represent IBSS in this competition. During the preparation stage, to ensure that they not only demonstrated solid professional knowledge but also approached various challenges in the most professional manner, the IBSS WEC Team arranged three specialized training courses for them:

Negotiation Strategies - Taught by Huaiyuan Zhang, Teaching Lecturer at IBSS

International Business Law Course - Taught by Shilei Liu, Teaching Fellow at IBSS

Business Etiquette Course - Taught by Yidan Liu, Transferable Skills Training Specialist at IBSS

Dr. Nimesh Salike, Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, shared that the event provided young students with opportunities to acquire essential skills such as negotiation, decision-making, communication, and public speaking with the knowledge of law, economy, finance and international relations. Knowing about the practical issues and knowledge frameworks, they can develop the capabilities needed for effective participation in international negotiations and cooperation. All the IBSS students delivered outstanding performances, earning praise from both the judges and the audience.

Professor Andrea Gatto from Wenzhou-Kean University emphasized the importance of innovative solutions that balance short-term gains with long-term benefits. He reminded students to focus on these solutions in the context of pressing development needs and economic sustainability issues, encouraging them to think beyond immediate outcomes and consider the broader impact of their decisions.

Meanwhile, Professor Rob Kim Marjerison, from Wenzhou-Kean University engaged students in discussions about negotiation strategies. He stressed the importance of creating detailed communication plans and contingency strategies to effectively handle potential challenges and unforeseen circumstances that may arise during negotiations. Professor Marjerison highlighted that thorough preparation and strategic planning are crucial for successful negotiation outcomes, advising students to anticipate and plan for various scenarios they might encounter.

Ms. Yixin Zhang, a Transferable Skills Training Specialist at IBSS and Ms. Hailu Hou, a Career Advisor at IBSS, who are also leaders of this competition, stated: "The Belt and Road Initiative Simulation Negotiation Competition provided students with an invaluable practical opportunity. It deepened their understanding of international trade and legal knowledge under the Belt and Road Initiative, and enhanced their communication strategies, negotiation skills, public speaking, and teamwork. Our students demonstrated exceptional collaboration and leadership, effectively organizing team activities and proactively sharing their experiences with participants from other schools. They accurately applied their professional knowledge and excelled in communication and negotiation, ultimately reaching a successful agreement with the other parties. This competition not only tested their professional knowledge but also significantly honed their transferable skills, laying a solid foundation for their future careers. We hope more students will continue to engage in such activities, constantly challenging themselves and improving their overall competencies. These experiences will greatly aid them in achieving their personal and professional goals."

The FLIA Sino-Foreign Cooperative Universities Belt and Road Negotiation Simulation at WKU provided an enriching experience for all participants, offering valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of international cooperation and the strategic importance of effective communication and cultural understanding.

31 May 2024