XJTLU students shine in tennis championship

13 Jun 2024

Recently, the Jiangsu Student Sports Association held the 2024 Jiangsu University (General Division) Tennis Championship in Nanjing, attracting nearly 300 athletes from 27 universities in the province.

Chucheng Wen, a Year One BA Urban Planning student at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, won third place in the men’s singles competition. Four other XJTLU students, Yanjun Zhao, Zhanyi Lu Zhan, Ruoyu Zhang, and Juhong Liao, received Honourable Mentions.

Chucheng Wen

Wen has been playing tennis for over 10 years. He says tennis gives him a sense of achievement and honour.

“I have found passion in tennis and always put in extra effort whenever I play. It is the love and joy that drive me forward,” he says.

After each match, Wen always reflects on and analyses his weaknesses.

“When I reached the semi-final, I realised I wasn’t as precise in controlling my movements as other athletes. It’s an area I need to improve in future training. I hope to achieve better results next time,” he says.

Chucheng Wen training at the XJTLU tennis court

Before heading to Nanjing for the provincial championship, the XJTLU tennis team also achieved impressive results in the 2024 Suzhou Higher Education College Tennis Competition.

The competition was organised by the Suzhou Tennis Association. Around 60 tennis players from 11 universities in Suzhou participated, including Soochow University, XJTLU, and Suzhou University of Science and Technology.

XJTLU student Sofia Laamanen playing tennis

XJTLU students Dason Hanggodo and Michael Fortune won first place in the men’s doubles. Mingyang Zeng and Narengerile achieved second place in the women’s doubles. Sofia Laamanen and Lam Pak Hei secured second place in the mixed doubles.

Shuchen Jin and Chucheng Wen won second and third place, respectively, in the men’s singles. Anna Tereshchenko and Deamandy Hangodu claimed third and seventh place, respectively, in the women’s singles.

From left to right: Shuchen Jin, Michael Fortune, Dason Hanggodo, Pak Hei Justin Lam, Deamandy Hanggodo, Luxizi Meng, Chucheng Wen, Sofia Laamanen, Anna Tereshchenko, Mingyang Zeng, and Narengerile

XJTLU tennis coach Luxizi Meng says: “I’d like to congratulate all the players for their achievements. I have seen the progress of each team member this season and witnessed our team’s determination to overcome challenges in the name of teamwork. I’m proud of our team.”

Meng says that in addition to regular training during weekdays and weekends, the players also requested additional technical and strength training.

“Each person gave their all in the matches,” she says.

“Let’s take the victories of 2024 as motivation, carry forward the spirit of athletes, make efforts, support each other as teammates, progress together, and achieve more honours for the University in future competitions,” she adds.

By Yi Li
Edited by Xinmin Han and Catherine Diamond
Photos courtesy of Chucheng Wen and XJTLU Centre for Student Affairs

13 Jun 2024


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