Campus Management Office

Campus Management Office

The Campus Management Office is dedicated to ensuring the efficient operation and optimal utilization of campus resources, facilities, and services to create a conducive environment for academic excellence, student and staff well-being.

Roles and responsibilities

1) Infrastructure Management
• Oversee and manage new construction and renovation projects.
• Manage facility operations and maintenance.
• Maintain campus public equipment and systems.
• Monitor energy consumption and manage utilities.

2) Space Management
• Plan and manage campus spaces effectively.
• Provide event support and room booking services.
• Maintain and optimize signage across campus buildings.

3) Assets Management
• Manage general office and teaching furniture.
• Oversee inventory of campus consumables.
• Maintain fixed assets (CMO scope) records.

4) Campus Service Management
• Manage property services.
• Oversee commercial operations on campus.

5) Service Quality Control
• Manage information and work orders.
• Coordinate projects and office internal training initiatives.
• Ensure high-quality CMO service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Contact us

Location: Room 1029, 10th floor, Central Building, North Campus, SIP Campus
Office Hours: 9am to 12pm, 1pm to 5pm (MON.-FRI.)
Tel: +86 512 8816 1071