The Campus Management office is responsible for on-site issues and logistic support, aiming to maintain a great environment for learning, teaching and research.


  • Develop long-term and annual plans for campus management and logistics in accordance with the University’s strategic plan. Gradually establish and improve the logistic support system.
  • Manage the campus environment including: effective usage, management, maintenance and security of facilities, equipment and other fixed assets; ensure regular supplies of water and power with energy-saving initiatives; and manage the logistic services required by various departments, offices and students.
  • Supervise and coordinate with the property management company to make sure they provide satisfactory products and continue to improve their service quality.
  • Coordinate with external parties by creating and maintaining effective channels for better communication and cooperation.
  • Procurement and distribution of office supplies and other items required for the operation of the University.
  • Booking and managing of teaching and conference facilities.


Location: 10th floor, Central Building
Open: 9am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)
Tel: +86 512 8816 1071

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